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Healthy, Sustainable, Resilient Cities

Cities can address climate change and improve residents’ well-being. They can help achieve sustainability and resilience by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, increasing access to public transport and clean air, and building capacity to cope with change.

Cities Are Responsible For More Than 60% Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Just 25 mega-cities produce 52% of the world’s urban greenhouse gas emissions. They are simultaneously the biggest driver and the biggest victim of climate change effects, therefore cities have important motivations for addressing it. More than 10,000 cities have already committed to reducing their carbon emissions by 2050.

But cities also face many other critical challenges. While only 50% of the world’s urban population have convenient access to public transport17 people die from air pollution every minute. The disruptive nature of COVID-19 and the emerging global uncertainties were stark reminders that urban areas need to be prepared for an ever-changing and unpredictable future.

We must keep finding methods and technologies that empower thriving cities to balance quality of life, health, decarbonization, and climate resilience.

Cities are here to stay, and the future of humanity is undoubtedly urban, but not exclusively in large metropolitan areas – small and medium urban areas will continue to develop.

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