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Water Network Monitoring

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Water Network Monitoring

Digital Twin Solution for Water Distribution Systems

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Integrate and analyze disparate data sources―SCADA, Internet of Things (IoT), GIS, hydraulic modeling, client information, and historical data―into a true digital twin to simplify and enhance water network operations.

A digital twin can help water utilities gain actionable insights to help improve network monitoring and performance​ while reducing nonrevenue water, energy use, and service interruptions. It can help water utility engineers and operators ensure safe and reliable services​, optimize operational efficiencies​, deploy effective maintenance and ​capital plans,​ and achieve sustainability goals.​

Unify Data

Discover how digital twins can integrate systems and analyze siloed data to improve network operations and decision-making. 

Improve Operational Intelligence

Learn how you can leverage digital twins to gain insights to improve performance, reduce costs, and mitigate risk.  

Optimize Capital Planning and Risk Mitigation

Take a data-driven approach to capital planning so that time is spent on preventive planning versus reacting to issues. 

black water network monitoring icon in the shape of a water drop a graph going up in the middle
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Water Digital Twin Solution

Decision intelligence to risk-proof your water operation.

Digital Transformation in Action

The implementation of a digital twin helped us gain useful insights to improve the performance and operations of our entire water supply network. All main strategies regarding reducing nonrevenue water were improved – pressure management, active leak control, speed and quality of repairs and asset management.

DC Water

Improved Visibility

A Brazilian utility improves leak detection and optimizes operational workflows with intelligent water network monitoring. 

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