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Add Real-world Insights to Your Digital Twins with Reality Modeling

Capture, manage, analyze, and share reality data in a connected reality data environment to serve as a single source of truth to advance infrastructure workflows. Turn reality data into real-world insights for your digital twins to make informed decisions.

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Leverage the highest fidelity and most versatile means of capturing reality data to serve as the digital context for design and engineering, as well as construction and operations.

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Empower stakeholders with immediate access to reality data. Make data actionable so stakeholders get the right information at the right time to make more informed and timely decisions.

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Turn reality data into real-world insights for data-driven decisions using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Deliver your reality data to feed your digital twins.

iTwin Capture democratizes reality capture and enables any infrastructure practitioners to make reality modeling an everyday part of their work.

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Capture Reality Data of Any Size, from Any System

  • Create and enhance engineering-ready data, such as reality meshes, classified point clouds, anonymized images, and orthophotos, of any size and resolution by using any digital camera, scanner, or mobile mapping device.
  • Scale your production and deliver projects on time by leveraging parallel cloud-processing capabilities.
  • Update your digital twins with global or localized updates by using an augmented reality capture mobile application.

Manage and Share Reality Data

  • Federate all your reality data, no matter the size or type, in a connected data environment.
  • Securely manage, store, and share large amounts of reality data with the ability to grant user access.
  • Improve your workflow by sharing and syncing your reality data instantly across project teams and applications.
  • Organize, catalog, and index your reality data for effective searches.
  • Visualize on a web viewer all data that is optimized for streaming and web publishing.
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Validate, Extract Insights, and Deliver

  • Turn data into real-world insights for data-driven decision-making by leveraging automatic feature extraction and machine learning.
  • Easily visualize, analyze, and annotate data with an easy-to-use web application.
  • Leverage interoperable formats to integrate them into any workflow.
  • Get the most of your data and make them a key component of your digital twins by using the iTwin Platform or any third-party software.
  • Quickly validate your data and deliver it to your stakeholders.

Industry Solutions

The solutions Bridge Monitoring and Dam Monitoring leverage iTwin Experience, along with other products, for specific industry-winning combinations.

a digital rendering of 2 bridges and the possible improvements that could be implemented

Bridge Monitoring Solution

Accelerate bridge inspection and gain insights.

a digital rendering of where a improvements could be made on a dam

Dam Monitoring Solution

Safeguard your dam portfolio with intelligent inspection and monitoring.

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