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Bentley at COP28
the UN Climate Action Conference

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COP28 was A Milestone Moment For Climate Action

That’s why Bentley was there. We believe in the transformative power of technology to support a sustainable transition for infrastructure and the world.

Accelerating infrastructure sustainability

Infrastructure professionals are leading the effort to decarbonize and climate-proof our infrastructure on a scale and pace never seen before. Yet they face multiple obstacles, from engineering resource capacity shortfalls to challenges in aligning the information and teams necessary for success.  

It’s time to reimagine what’s possible by leveraging data for better and more resilient infrastructure. Through innovations like AI-powered infrastructure digital twins, we can accelerate the digital and sustainable transitions necessary for climate action.

Since no one company or organization can address these challenges alone, Bentley joined with governments, businesses, and civil society at COP28 to discuss how we can address key issues, such as:

  • 1

    Decarbonizing infrastructure

Built infrastructure is responsible for more than 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and 75% of the infrastructure required by 2050 still needs to be built. Existing and new infrastructure must be designed, built, and operated with sustainability and resilience in mind.

  • 2

    Powering the Energy Transition

The energy industry is undergoing one the largest industrial transitions in modern history. Understanding the earth and its subsurface are indispensable for making clear, confident decisions to accelerate clean energy production, transmission, and distribution and aid the shift to net zero.

  • 3

    climate-proofing cities

The global population is expected to increase by 2 billion over the next 30 years. Digitization is essential to effectively plan and deliver the sustainable infrastructure and services necessary to ensure urban resilience, climate adaptation, inclusive cities, and residents’ well-being.  

  • 4

    Overcoming Water Challenges

In many ways, climate change is water change, as it affects water quantity, quality, and availability. Integrated urban water management and water system modernization can help communities improve access to clean water and sanitation and minimize climate change effects such as water scarcity and floods.

Highlights: Bentley at COP28

Sustainable Innovation Forum 2023: Bentley was a supporting partner for SIF23 hosted by Climate Action, December 4-5, which seeks to forge cross-sector partnerships, spotlight effective business actions, and highlight innovative solutions for achieving climate-related United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Watch the keynote session featuring Rodrigo Fernandes: “Unleashing Data and Collaborative Digital Twins to Empower Sustainable, Resilient and Intelligent Infrastructure”.

The Blue Zone: Bentley executives and sustainability experts met with government representatives and observer organizations in the Blue Zone to discuss climate challenges and share insights on opening low-carbon pathways.

The Green Zone: Bentley was Microsoft’s sustainability partner and joined them in the Green Zone to explain how data can serve as the foundation and digital twins as the building blocks for accelerating infrastructure intelligence to aid in climate adaptation.

Bentley’s Sustainability Roundtable:  The roundtable brought together industry leaders, infrastructure experts, and selected Bentley users to share best practices, discuss solutions, and establish roadmaps for better and more resilient infrastructure. View the agenda.

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