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Dam Monitoring

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Dam Monitoring

Connected Solutions for
Operational Risk Reduction

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Intelligent Condition Monitoring To Safeguard Your Dam Portfolio

Improve the effectiveness of your dam safety program with digital twin technology. With a growing number of dams approaching their design service life, dam safety engineers need to mitigate the risks related to safety, aging infrastructure, labor shortages, rising maintenance costs, and climate change.

Now is the time to modernize your dam monitoring and maintenance practices applying digital twins to enable timely and risk-informed decision-making, consequence analysis, and remote early warning systems for dam and levee protection. Visualize current and developing conditions, consolidate and analyze siloed data, and enable decision intelligence, in a fraction of the time it used to take. Monitor and manage dams at a portfolio level using an open and integrated digital twin approach.


iTwin Capture provides an immersive and intuitive visualization of the dam. Capture in a photorealistic and geo-referenced 3D reality mesh to serve as context for automated condition monitoring, inspection, and identification of defects or condition change, and facilitating any re-design processes.


iTwin IoT provides actionable insights incorporating all sources of dam surveillance to identify early signs of changing behaviors that pose a risk to structural performance and integrity. Alerts and reporting support collaboration and emergency action plans.


iTwin Experience enhances engagement, and collaboration for improved decision-making. Make fast and informed decisions to improve response time to adverse events in hard-to-reach areas. Dam safety monitoring is essential to maintaining safety and reducing  risk in your dam portfolio.

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The Next Technological Leap

“The tools at our disposal to protect the public and the environment from the effects of dam failure continue to improve, especially as it pertains to surveillance and early identification. Digital twins represent the next technological leap in capability supporting responsible management of these critical structures.”

Bullards Bar Dam

Yuba Water Agency

Using Bentley’s iTwin Applications for Situational Intelligence Significantly Improves Risk Assessment, Ensures Public Safety

Yuba Water implemented a digital automated survey and monitoring system to better understand the performance of New Bullards Bar Dam, ensuring safe, reliable operations.

Computer Screen of iTwin IoT

"For Yuba Water Agency, there is nothing more important than public safety. Investing in a real-time, automated-monitoring solution at New Bullards Bar Dam with iTwin technology significantly improves our monitoring capabilities and is a testament to our continued commitment to public safety and infrastructure resilience.”

—Tim Truong, Chief Dam Safety Engineer, Yuba Water Agency

Together, these products provide a connected, scalable digital twin environment purpose-built for dam safety and risk mitigation.

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