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What is construction management software?

Construction management software manages the planning, scheduling, resources, contracts, budgets, and execution of construction projects. It enables construction firms to improve the use of their project data to optimize decision-making, resources, and profitability throughout the entire project lifecycle – from pre-bid to 4D digital twin workflows to project execution and handoff.

What is the best construction management software​?

Simplify how you construct infrastructure projects

With Bentley solutions, you can improve your project planning and management to protect margins and contain risk, all while ensuring project safety and quality.

Discover which ones are best for your project. Here are some of our most trusted, best-selling software.


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Manage your projects efficiently with virtual construction, planning, and model-based workflows, field to office.


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Capture and access data from the field. Includes SYNCHRO Notes and Crew.


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Manage construction documents and tasks. Includes SYNCHRO Field.


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Manage construction project performance, progress, and resources. Includes SYNCHRO Field and SYNCHRO Control.

Bentley Infrastructure Cloud​

Powered by iTwin​

Manage and visualize project, construction, or asset information in 2D, 3D, and 4D so that you can improve tracking of project performance or operational behaviors and make better, faster, data-driven decisions.

This enterprise-wide set of solutions (ProjectWise, SYNCHRO, and AssetWise) spans the end-to-end lifecycle and value chain of the world’s infrastructure helping you create, deliver, and operate complete and evergreen digital twins.

Not sure how to choose the best Software?


Planning & Virtual Construction

Project Management & Collaboration

Operations & Field Management

Since every company and project requires a different mix of management software, we have assembled helpful software lists broken down by profession to help guide you. 

Which professions use Construction Management Software?

Bentley’s construction management software is used by the entire project team – from office to field – including VDC managers, planners, cost managers, project administrators/managers, site managers and field staff.

Engineers, architect, and construction professions Use Bentley’s construction management software
Business Manager

Manage project risks, changes, and the financial health of projects by leveraging simplified contract and budget management tools.

Cost Manager

Control your budget and effortlessly manage all contract changes, minimizing financial risk and maximizing project profits with cost management software.

Construction Foreman

Log and track all man and equipment hours, ensure all the project resources are being utilized efficiently, and meet safety and quality requirements with field-based applications and performance software.

Document Controller

Access, manage, analyze, and collaborate on project data in one place using efficient task and model-based workflows to generate greater insight into project productivity and performance.


Win more work with faster and more accurate project bid estimates and reduce errors and omissions with model-based quantity take-offs and digital 4D workflows.

Field Engineer

Seamlessly communicate project plans, including 4D models, and status reports between the jobsite and the office by capturing and accessing real-time data from the field on your mobile device.


Access customizable inspection forms from the field to ensure quality, error free, structured data capture in real-time with mobile field management applications.

Planner / Scheduler

Limit project inefficiencies by identifying and optimizing all project needs in a 4D environment and visually planning how much time is needed to complete each step of the project.

Project director

Optimize project plans and reduce errors and lost time in the field by building virtually first with task and model-based workflows and construction project management software.

Project Manager

Identify and mitigate risks to deliver projects on time and within budget using leading heavy civil construction management software and advanced 4D models and workflows.

Safety & Quality Manager

Gather the most up-to-date project status updates and insights to provide teams with a daily clear line of sight and the shortest cycle time of project feedback to implement optimizations and mitigate risks immediately.


Capture, share, and view real-time performance data with field-based mobile construction applications to keep teams focused on the right tasks and ensure safety and quality requirements are being met.

VDC Coordinator

Collaborate with project stakeholders to plan, optimize and track progress as well as assemble and visualize BIM and project data using advanced 4D construction models and workflows.

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