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Visualize and Analyze Sensor Data

Empowering infrastructure professionals with real-time data insights through active condition monitoring for natural and built environments.

What is iTwin IoT?

Sustainable and resilient infrastructure stands the test of time because the engineers that design and build it and those who maintain it are experts in their field–and they use iTwin IoT. With iTwin IoT, you can remotely monitor, analyze, and manage all of your instrumentation systems and sensor data. iTwin IoT gives you visibility and analysis of current and historical performance.

Regulators and stakeholders are increasingly demanding more data transparency and accurate representation of current conditions. With actionable insights at your fingertips, you can make fast and accurate operational and maintenance decisions to keep critical infrastructure, people, and the planet safe.

Visualize and analyze your instrumentation systems and IoT sensor data. Measure and visualize civil structural movement, perform condition assessment, and help detect and prevent damage.

a computer generated rendering of a bridge with red and green digital highlights pin pointing important areas on the bridge

Acquire Condition Data

  • Connect any instrumentation system, IoT connectivity device, or smart sensor. Calibrate, validate, and process any data type.
  • Leverage the open interoperability of iTwin with no vendor lock-in.

Visualize and Analyze Data Across a Timeline

  • Gain actionable intelligence to make fast and accurate decisions with confidence.
  • Visualize and analyze complex data from multiple condition monitoring sources with iTwin Viewer.
  • Combine historical and current data and view with ease with iTwin’s timeline controls.
Computer screen of IoT sensor
a screenshot inside of a computer screen of the dashboard of itwin Iot that shows easy to read graphs and data points

Alarm and Report Insights

  • Collaborate and inform with customizable dashboards, real-time notifications, custom alarms, and reporting. Personalize as needed.
  • Ensure compliance reporting and any public data access.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with organizational permission controls and granular access controls powered by iTwin.

Industry Solutions

The solutions Bridge Monitoring and Dam Monitoring leverage iTwin Experience, along with other products, for specific industry-winning combinations.

a digital rendering of 2 bridges and the possible improvements that could be implemented

Bridge Monitoring Solution

Accelerate bridge inspection and gain insights.

a digital rendering of where a improvements could be made on a dam

Dam Monitoring Solution

Safeguard your dam portfolio with intelligent inspection and monitoring.

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