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Infrastructure Digital Twins

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Infrastructure Digital Twins

Connect the Physical and Virtual Worlds

Synchronize work, gain greater visibility, and make sense of the right data at the right time.

Empower People to Do more

Create the visibility and insights for data-driven decisions that make infrastructure sustainable and resilient, and better serve your stakeholders.

What is a Digital Twin?

A realistic and dynamic digital representation of a physical asset, system or city

Know your assets – what they are, how they perform, and when change is needed. Access anytime, anywhere with robust cloud infrastructure and data centers around the world.

Single View of the Truth

  • Combine disparate engineering data created by diverse design tools into a federated environment with no disruption to your current tools or processes
  • Align engineering data with reality geospatial, IoT, and other operational data
  • Build and manage small or very large digital twins

Visualize, Simulate, and Monitor

  • Visualize and track changes, including changes in real-world conditions from IoT-connected devices
  • Combine disparate data into a federated environment that reflects current conditions and predicts future conditions for inspections, reporting, and insights
  • Use immersive visualization
  • Obtain analytics visibility and gain insights through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

Improve Decisions. Get Results.

  • Reduce the cost and time of delivering projects and managing assets
  • Improve the level and quality of services delivered internally and externally
  • Reduce the risk associated with assets, and the liability resulting from asset failures
  • Meet your sustainability goals

Make Data Accessible and Actionable

See people like you experiencing improved decision support across design, construction, and operations.

User Quote

“BIM methodology on the Italferr bridge project follows the digital twin approach. The enhanced visibility and insight allowed us to change how we deal with the design and management of infrastructure work.”

— Daniela Aprea, BIM Manager, Italferr S.p.A.

Explore Digital Twin Value Across the Infrastructure Lifecycle

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Explore the Value of Digital Twins

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Reimagine Infrastructure Design Collaboration

Digital Twins

Manage Construction in One Place

Digital Twins

Know What is Happening with your Assets