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Bridge Monitoring

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Bridge Monitoring

Accelerate bridge inspection
and gain insights

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Modernize Bridge Rehabilitation

Transform traditional bridge management by leveraging digital twin technology and workflows. Owners and their supply chains can use iTwin Capture to quickly create 3D engineering-ready reality meshes and point clouds of bridges using drones or cameras and securely manage and share reality data to support analysis, validation, and delivery. Gather real-time data from sensors on bridges with iTwin IoT to gain operational insights and improve decision-making. Augment inspection processes using reality meshes through iTwin Experience to gain operational insights, virtualize routine inspections, and streamline collaboration.

Leverage the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning to help identify and classify defects for resolution. Then, pass the insights gained to engineering and design applications.

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Three ways to improve bridge monitoring workflows with digital twins and reduce bridge rehabilitation project costs by 20%

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Overcome Workforce Shortages

Labor shortages and rising costs require innovative solutions to make work more efficient, safe, and cost-effective.

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Improve Insights and Outcomes

Discover how you can leverage digital twins to augment and accelerate inspections and gain timeless digital insights for your bridge repairs.

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Improve Bridge Safety

Aging bridges require innovative solutions to make inspecting, maintaining, and repairing more efficient, safe, and cost-effective. Learn how technology advancements can help.

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Watch Bridge Monitoring Solution

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"We are seeing benefits on large complex structures such as the Rio Grande Bridge in New Mexico and the St. Croix Crossing Bridge in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  By using technology including AI, ML, and digital twins to augment our existing processes and traditional technology, we are making inspections more efficient, cost-effective, and safer.”

—Barritt Lovelace, Vice President of UAS, AI and Reality Modeling at Collins Engineers, Inc.

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