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Product Research

Join the Product Research Program!

Help shape the experience of the Bentley products you use. 

Why Product Research?

The challenges of infrastructure can be complex, but its software doesn’t have to be. You are the expert in your field, and we need your help to stress-test our solutions against YOUR reality.  

How Does it all Work?

The first step is to simply tell us you’re willing to participate. If there is a match between your expertise and an upcoming product research activity, we’ll contact you and arrange a time to meet with a researcher. You’ll attend the online session, try out the product, and provide your feedback. Our product teams then use your input to improve the experience of the product you use. 

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What will we do?

Product Research sessions are virtual 1-on-1 sessions between a user and a researcher. A typical session lasts ~45 minutes and might include testing a prototype or exploring workflows. No preparation required!  

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What is in it for you?

Your voice influences what gets built into the products you use. Be heard, share your feedback with the product team and get a glimpse of potential solutions. 

Interested? Join us in a lab.