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Road and Bridge Construction Planning

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Road and Bridge Construction Planning

Connect People and Data
to Optimize Construction

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Improve your project planning with 4D digital workflows that connect your design and construction teams. With governments investing heavily in road and bridge projects worldwide, digital technology is key for owners seeking to plan projects successfully and improve construction outcomes.

Unleash the value of your data through digital model-based workflows to optimize project plans, simplify bidding processes, refine schedules, and efficiently allocate resources. These workflows connect projects and contracts, unite teams, and minimize the risk of miscommunicated design intent and construction errors. This modern, digital twin approach ensures that you will deliver projects more swiftly, safely, and efficiently, guaranteeing that your roads and bridges serve their communities to the fullest.

Simplify Construction Planning and Collaboration

Use model-based workflows and cloud technology to create a secure, single source of truth that aligns design and construction for better outcomes.

Plan, Model, Visualize, And Simulate In 4D

Turn linear design models into construction models to improve the use of data and to better optimize project plans, schedules, and resources.

Manage Cost Projections and Automated Quantity Takeoffs

Leverage 4D workflows to break horizontal projects into constructible components with auto-calculated quantity takeoffs (QTO) for more accurate cost projections.

icon graphic road turning into bridge with construction hat
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The Next Technological Leap

We believe that this is the most sophisticated project ever in the United States to utilize a digital twin as the primary contractual document. By having a 3D model of the project, we were able to build a 4D simulation to depict the construction staging.

WSB Increases Access to Greater Minnesota with TH 169 Roadway Expansion Design

Increasing mobility to greater Minnesota through roadway expansion

The organization saved USD 12 million on freeway conversion using Bentley’s digital workflows.

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