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Airport Planning and Coordination

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Airport Planning and Coordination

Data-driven Decisions across All Stakeholders

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Gain a Holistic View of Your Airport

Airports are constantly changing and evolving. Use Bentley’s airport planning and coordination solution to connect data, streamline workflows, and enhance airport expansion, asset performance, and efficiency with ease. It creates a digital twin by integrating engineering, spatial, and enterprise data, offering self-service access and insights to all stakeholders.


Hours Saved Per Year


OpEx Savings Per Year

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Sydney Airport

A Dynamic Mini City

The airport has begun using Maps@SYD to create a digital twin, aiming to enhance efficiency, quality, and cost savings.

Boost Efficiency & Save Time

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Project managers can now view all projects and choose their own adventure, negating the overlapping of projects, saving both time and resources.

Reduce Costs and Inefficiencies

Cut the time spent searching across platforms and data sources by using an efficient, unified solution that enhances decision-making for better business results.

Get a 360 View of Airport Activities

View data in an immersive and interactive environment designed for specific roles, enabling users to easily and intuitively navigate through a digital twin.

Streamline Workflows

Easily view, query, and analyze digital twins within their complete context using an open-platform solution. This system scales seamlessly from small-scale to large-scale, offering visibility across the entire enterprise.

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