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Construction Management

John Sisk & Son Construct Modern Mixed-use Building on Tight Project Site in Dublin City Centre

Bentley’s SYNCHRO™ 4D Ensures Efficient Collaboration among Stakeholders while Saving Construction Time


Bentley Service Partner

Assist users in exploring and utilizing Bentley’s infrastructure solutions to their fullest potential


Bentley Service Partner Program

Help users grow their service portfolio and businesses

Data Sheet
Utility and Communication Networks

OpenTower® iQ

The Solution for Telecom Tower Lifecycle Maintenance

User Story
Roads and Site Design

City of Edmonton Develops Citywide Traffic Simulation and Modeling for Fast-growing City


CAD Modeling and Visualization

Integrating Geospatial Context with MicroStation

Upgrade Your CAD Designs with MicroStation’s Geospatial Context Workflow

White Paper
Digital Twins

Practical Application of Digital Twins in Water Supply Systems in São Paulo

The amount of information available to water supply system operators has grown over the last few years

Solution Sheet
Hydraulics and Hydrology

Water Network Monitoring

Digital Twin Solution for Water Distribution Systems

Solution Sheet
Rail Design

Rail Engineering Solution

Stay on track with connected data, design, and documentation

Solution Sheet
Utility and Communication Networks

Substation Design Solution

Streamline Your Substation Design Workflow

Hydraulics and Hydrology

Computer Applications in Hydraulic Engineering

Best-selling water resources textbook! Ideal for engineers and students in hydraulics and hydrology, offering theory and real-world applications with problem-solving and modeling exercises

User Story
Asset Performance

How Ambient Air Monitoring Stations Work in the Reykjavik Metro Area

When it comes to air pollution, it is important for all stakeholders to realize from where it originates