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Asset Performance

Meet AssetWise®

Digitization Strategy for Optimal Asset Performance

Data Sheet
Project Delivery

iTwin® Capture

Add Real-world Insights to Your Digital Twins with Reality Modeling

Fact Sheet
Pipe Stress and Vessel Analysis

AutoPIPE® Vessel CONNECT Edition

AutoPIPE Vessel provides comprehensive, flexible software for optimized pressure vessel, heat exchanger, or tank design on new or existing global projects.

Digital Twins, Hydraulics and Hydrology

Advancing Digitalization in the Water Sector

How the adoption of a digital twin allows utilities to make better operational decisions and enhance services.

User Story
Bridge Design

Comsa Digitizes Renovation of Century-old Bridge in Cabrianes, Barcelona

Bentley’s Integrated BIM Applications Optimize Design and Construction Monitoring, Reducing on-site Errors

White Paper
Structural Analysis and Detailing

Three Ways to Solve Your Structural Engineering Challenges

Solve Your Structural Engineering Challenges with STAAD.Pro

User Story
Hydraulics and Hydrology

Jacobs Uses Digital Delivery to Ensure Singapore’s Water Sustainability and Resilience

The Bentley iTwin® Platform Helps Democratize Information on the Tuas Water Reclamation Plant

User Story
Digital Twins, Reality and Spatial Modeling

CNIG Digitally Reconstructs La Palma Island Landscape After a Devastating Volcanic Eruption

ContextCapture Optimizes Data Processing and Integration, Delivering a Digital Twin to Plan New Infrastructure and Safeguard Citizens

User Story
Structural Analysis and Detailing

New Commercial Building in Al-Ain, UAE, Improves Local Urban Economy

British Applied College Promotes a Sustainable Design and Reduces Carbon Footprint Using STAAD

User Story
Hydraulics and Hydrology

Silo AI Develops Intelligent Digital Optimization Service for Finland’s Water and District Heating System Operators

Using the Bentley iTwin® Platform Results in Record Project Delivery Times and Improves Energy Efficiency


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