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Road and Bridge Engineering

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Road and Bridge Engineering Solution

Drive the Delivery of Resilient Road and Bridge Infrastructure

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Harness Data, Design, and Connectivity with Digital Delivery

Bentley’s road and bridge engineering solution accelerates 3D engineering design and facilitates delivery of 2D contract drawings. The solution helps organizations that deliver road, bridge, and tunnel projects meet growing contract requirements more effortlessly with their current staff. The solution replaces generic software that requires programming skills and specialists with discipline-specific, model-based software, enabling all existing staff to contribute. 

Its open common data environment links people and processes across various disciplines, optimizing insights to mitigate risk, rework, and cost overruns. With Bentley’s support, your workforce will adapt quickly to digital workflows, simplifying handover to all project phases for more resilient road and bridge project delivery.

Accelerate Design and Documentation

Leverage more efficient and cost-effective technologies to increase productivity and deliver more with your existing staff. 

Improve Collaboration with Open Data

Work together in a unified model that incorporates data from multiple sources regardless of format, scale, or complexity. 

Reuse Design Data Across the Asset Lifecycle

Simplify handover with the transfer of robust data-driven models to construction and asset managers, reducing errors and misinterpretations. 

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Road and Bridge Engineering Solution

Meet contract requirements for traditional and digital delivery with just your existing staff.

The Next Technological Leap

By having the entire project modeled in 3D and having the digital twin, we have increased the efficiency of the communication and approval process by leaps and bounds. Construction segment directors no longer have to wait for a finalized 2D plan and then sit down for days and try to understand it.

Lathams Road Bridge​

Designing A Complex New Bridge To Support Economic Development.​

Digital design environment accommodated client change requests, saving time and money.  

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