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Network Analysis and Rehabilitation of Marawi

How Hydraulic Modeling Restored Water Supply in War-torn Marawi

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Healthy Cities

A map showing the location of a city in the philippines.

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Relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG Goal 3 good health and well being.

SDG Goal 6 clean water and sanitation.

SDG Goal 11 sustainable cities and communities.

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Maynilad Water Services Inc. (MWS)

The 2017 Marawi Siege, a devastating five-month assault by a pro-ISIS militant group, displaced more than 300,000 people – 98% of the city’s population – and caused substantial ruin to vital parts of the city, including the city’s water distribution center. MWS needed to quickly restore service to residents, but the project site was still damaged and dangerous. Instead of endangering staff with traditional surveys, MWS used hydraulic modeling to identify problem areas causing low pressure and lack of supply, enabling them to develop targeted, optimal solutions. As a result, the team safely developed a repair strategy that helped restore quality of life to the formerly war-torn area.