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Renewables and Efficiency

The global energy crisis and government subsidies have accelerated the transition to low-carbon energy sources, which are essential for universal electricity access, carbon reduction, and system efficiency.

Energy Transition

The Global Energy Crisis And Government Subsidies Turbocharged The Energy Transition. Some Experts Say These Factors May Have Knocked As Much As Ten Years Off The Timeline.

Transitioning to low-carbon energy sources is critical to ensuring universal access to sustainable and affordable electricity. More than 50% of the carbon that needs to be cut over the next decade will come from decarbonizing industrial and energy systems.

One in 10 people still lack access to electricity. As demand grows, the most effective way to future-proof infrastructure is to pursue quick wins by leveraging existing, low-cost, mature technologies.

Diversifying energy sources is key. Renewable energy production must accelerate by combining all renewable sources —solar, geothermal, wind, and hydroelectric — to generate enough low-carbon energy to power our world.

Increasing the efficiency of any system that consumes, produces, or distributes energy creates immediate environmental and economic payback. Energy efficiency alone represents more than 40% of the emissions abatement required by 2040.

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