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Foth Created Digitally Mapped City

How Perry Became a Digital City with Foth’s Virtual Model for Future Projects

Sustainability Challenge

Healthy Cities

An aerial view of a street and buildings.

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Relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG Goal 11 sustainable cities and communities.

SDG Goal 13 climate action.

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Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC

The City of Perry originally hired Foth to evaluate street and sidewalk conditions in the small town by using mobile LiDAR scanning to improve access for all citizens. City officials soon realized that they could transform the project into a citywide digital twin that could support additional projects, such as establishing more green space and preserving historic architecture. Foth processed a huge amount of reality data to bring the city to virtual life. Now, city officials can use it to provide stronger services to citizens, encourage potential investors, boost energy efficiency, and improve disaster preparedness.