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Bentley Software

Trusted Globally by Infrastructure Professionals

Bentley provides engineers and infrastructure professionals with intelligent solutions they can trust to advance infrastructure. Whether you are responsible for designing, constructing, or operating infrastructure, Bentley has the solution for you.

Civil WorkSuite is a collection of civil engineering industry-leading software solutions that helps to deliver civil engineers, planners, and designers the tools to design virtually any civil engineering project.

Simplify the delivery of assurance on complex rail projects to reduce the cost and time associated with poor design visibility.

Simulate how changes impact movement and accessibility of a given area in a city before implementation.

EasyPower delivers intuitive electrical software for design, analysis, and optimization of electrical power systems, with the fastest processing speeds.

EMME is a complete transportation forecasting system for planning the urban, regional and national movement of people.

Access business data and architectural, engineering, construction, and operations information embedded within iModels using Excel, Access, Visual Studio, PowerBI or other Windows applications supporting ODBC.