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iTwin Analytical Synchronizer

iTwin Analytical Synchronizer

iTwin Analytical Synchronizer

iTwin Analytical Synchronizer is the engineer’s gateway into the world of digital twins, interoperability, and collaboration.


Don’t waste time inputting the same model in multiple applications. More than a simple one-time import and export, you can leverage bi-directional synchronization of design intent between various applications. Incremental design changes can be pushed and pulled via the integrated sidebar for participating applications.


Choose where your source of truth lives. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a file-based workflow or an iModel hosted in the cloud.

  • File-based synchronization stores the changesets in a local file on the user’s machine.
  • Cloud-based synchronization truly liberates your team, enabling dispersed teams to digitally connect to the same iModel as a basis of interop and collaboration. Take advantage of more features, such as the ability to view your model in the web browser, review analytical design results, access discipline-specific review tools—such as the newly developed post tension profile review tool—and resolve issues.

Supported applications and file formats:

  • RAM Structural System
  • RAM Concept
  • RAM Elements
  • SACS
  • AutoPIPE
  • OpenBuildings Designer
  • ProStructures
  • Revit*
  • Tekla
  • IFC

*Note that Revit users can immediately participate in iTwin Analytical workflows by clicking Download Now. iTwin Analytical Installer already includes the ISM Revit Plug-in. No further download is necessary.