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Bentley User Registration and Sign-in

User Registration

Ensuring the Privacy and Security of Your Users

Bentley now requires registration for all users of Bentley software. Registration ensures that all users are authorized by your organization, which is critical for enabling us to provide your organization with our latest security and privacy protections.

There is a significant financial benefit to registering your users. Bentley accounts that have registered their users become eligible for our Earned Value Discount, which can provide significant savings to your organization for its Bentley subscriptions and licenses.

To register your users, you must first add them into User Management. Then, the users will need to sign in using the CONNECTION Client. If your users are using CONNECT Edition or V8i SELECTseries 10, the CONNECTION Client is integrated with their application. For previous versions of applications, users must download and install the CONNECTION Client before signing in.

What To Do

To assist you in completing this process, we have prepared an administrator’s resource guide, a technical FAQ, a fact Sheet, and communication templates. You can find this documentation below in Resources.

Step 1

Register your users in User Management.

Step 2

Install the CONNECTION Client on each machine that uses a Bentley application.

Step 3

Have your users sign in to the CONNECTION Client to complete the process.

Graphic of steps to get started

Setting up Federated Identity

Federated identity allows your organization to leverage its existing IT infrastructure to manage user credentials for your Bentley products and services. Find out if federated identity is right for your organization.