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    Increase the gain of your RF design engineering

Coax Network Design and GIS Software

Speed the design and documentation of your outside plant coaxial network with Bentley Coax. You can grow and retain more subscribers when you upgrade your network, activate new service, and restore faults faster. Complete verified layouts quickly in a rich GIS that includes the precision of MicroStation and real-time signal calculations. Drive efficiency in the field and office by sharing an intelligent network model across the enterprise.

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  • Configure communications equipment specifications

    • ​Ensure consistency across projects with configurable engineering and display specifications for equipment. Your administrators get simple user interfaces to modify and extend pre-configured equipment libraries. Support includes all requisite equipment types for coaxial, fiber, and HFC networks.
  • Create network schematics, diagrams, and reports

    • ​Publish precise documents directly from your intelligent network model. Support field work with network traces, facility diagrams, vault schematics, and more. Create bills of materials and other reports for a project, service area, or facility. Configure reports to print or import to other systems.
  • Design hybrid fiber-coax networks

    • ​Model all equipment, connections, and signal performance from the physical fiber port at the headend to the coax port at the subscriber. Leverage precision layout tools, a rich GIS environment, and real-time design verification to complete projects up to three times faster than competing solutions.
  • Model networks from end-to-end

    • ​Create and maintain an end-to-end network model with integrated design and documentation of your inside and outside plant. Model connectivity between subscribers and your headend or central office. Perform network traces and access detailed engineering data for any network device.
  • Perform network engineering calculations and analysis

    • Verify RF designs with near real-time engineering calculations that update as devices are placed or edited. Speed up layout with fast analysis of optical link loss budgets, RF signal quality, and powering optimization. Visually identify devices that do not meet design specifications.
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