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Integrated Design, Analysis, and Simulation of District Energy and Gas Networks

Improve Planning, Design, Construction, and Operations of District Energy and Gas Networks

Optimizing performance and management of these networks requires a comprehensive analytical modeling, design, and network simulation application. Get the advanced thermal and hydraulic calculations you need.

What is OpenUtilities sisHYD?

OpenUtilities sisHYD is a comprehensive analytical modeling and network design application that delivers the thermal and hydraulic calculations needed for district energy and gas pipeline networks. It helps users identify asset usage costs, present operational status, locate critical points, simulate failure scenarios, and calculate all major thermal and hydraulic parameters of the network.

Design District Energy and Gas Networks, Including Engineering Calculations

OpenUtilities sisHYD provides the hydraulic calculations needed for designing district energy and gas pipeline networks, as well as the thermal calculations for district energy networks (heating and cooling).

Optimize Network Design and Construction

Build district energy networks and gas networks at the right size. In design mode, the calculation engine proposes new pipe types based on the specific pressure loss.

Achieve Energy Consumption and Delivery

Modeling outputs help meet customer service agreements by ensuring that heat is delivered at just the right temperature and pressure. OpenUtilities sisHYD enables you to operate district energy and gas networks at their optimum.

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Integrated Design, Analysis, and Simulation of District Energy and Gas Networks

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