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Efficiently design and model towers, such as lattice towers and guyed masts, as well as equipment such as antennas, mounts, and linear appurtenances, with powerful 3D modeling. Bentley’s tower applications are built to specifically suit your tower workflows and optimize design time. With both graphical and text-based definitions of tower structures, you can design and complete projects faster than ever.

What is OpenTower Designer?

OpenTower Designer is communication tower design software that allows you to leverage a comprehensive library of panel types and ancillary equipment that enable quick creation of the structure. Automatically generate loads for any number of directions with user-defined topographic configurations and quickly perform design checks. Create reports with virtually any output – from structure data to loading analysis results to design capacities for members and bolts.

When designing in accordance with U.S., Euro, or Australian design standards, you will save time and complete projects faster through automatic scenario creation by combining geometric layers, equipment grouping, and loading criteria. You can also create a physical model by applying hierarchical modification layers with revision history on top of the base geometry using built-in business logic.

Configure bracing libraries

Create customizable XML libraries. Configure an XML file to create your own customized libraries for panel bracing, torque arms, and even truss legs. You may also use built-in bracing types that can be extended and configured externally.

Create realistic graphics & models

Use a modern graphical environment to get a realistic visualization of the model. Discrete and linear appurtenances are drawn to scale on your 3D tower model. Visualize precise positioning of the equipment, including feed lines at any elevation and linear attachments.

Customize equipment libraries

Customize the robust equipment library, which includes antenna, dish, TME, feedlines, and attachments equipment from all major manufacturers using built-in capabilities.

Design connections

Define member connections with various bolt patterns, including pre-defined bolt configurations. Automatically consider the effects of connections on member design calculations and check connection efficiencies.

Define external loading

Define cluster formation of linear ancillaries as well as miscellaneous ancillaries including resistance ancillaries. Use options like ATTACH command to define load distribution criteria from an equipment to the tower.

Design tower foundations

Design tower foundations (U.S., Euro, and Australian code) for tower legs and guy support points, including pad-pier, drilled pier, guy anchor foundations and mat foundations. Automatically design foundations for the most critical load cases for different criteria and review the foundation rating.

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OpenTower Designer

If you are looking to improve efficiency on your next tower project, you are in the right place. With OpenTower Designer, you can efficiently design and model towers, such as lattice towers and guyed masts, as well as equipment like antennas, mounts, and linear appurtenances.

*Prices vary per region. For more options, see licensing and subscriptions section.

User Quote

“The flexibility of a single model to check scenarios is one of the greatest advantages of OpenTower. It allows us to provide our clients as much feedback as possible to promote a long-term relationship.”

— Matthew K. Lackey, P.E., Charlotte Structural Division Manager, Tower Engineering Professionals, Inc.


OpenTower Designer Software Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

OpenTower Designer is a purpose-built solution for telecommunication tower analysis and design that captures real-life workflows, including tower modification, multiple scenario evaluations, foundation checks, and connection designs. It connects to equipment databases to automatically generate wind and seismic loadings, analyze the structure, and produce custom reports. The application’s advanced graphics show a realistic view of the tower, including 3D rendering of equipment and feedlines.

Here are some FREE OpenTower learning resources/webinars available at our eStore. You can also find a lot of resources at OpenTower.com.

If you want to receive tailored training or attend an OpenTower Designer course, Bentley offers extra training and mentoring services. You can choose from tailor-made training, on-demand learning, consulting services, mentoring and more. Access all the learning you need here.

OpenTower Designer offers:

  • Powerful graphics and 3D visualizations that suit your workflow
  • Standard and custom section profile catalogs making your model easy to maintain
  • Layered geometry
  • Scenario management
  • Built-in foundation design
  • Seismic analysis
  • Linear appurtenances arrangement module
  • Interoperability with many applications
  • Import tnxTower or Risa Tower models
  • Interoperability with STAAD.Pro and other Bentley products for design, detailing, and drawing generations
  • Safe software FME integration
  • Preconfigure integration with ProjectWise

The price of OpenTower Designer varies per region. While there are various types of licensing available, a common choice is the 12-month practitioner license offered through Bentley’s eStore. When you purchase through the eStore, you get a Virtuoso Subscription which means you get both the software AND the training, expert services, and custom mentoring you need to get started quickly.


Intel Core i7 or similar

Operating System

Windows 10 x 64


16 GB minimum, 32 GB recommended

Available Languages


For the most up-to-date system requirements, visit Bentley Communities.

Licensing and Subscription options

Choose What is Right for You

One-year license with training

Virtuoso Subscription – A popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses

Get access to software that comes with training – fast! Bentley’s eStore, Virtuosity, offers a convenient way to lease a 12-month license of Bentley software for a low, upfront cost. Every online purchase through Virtuosity comes as a Virtuoso Subscription that includes training and auto-renewals.

With no contract required, it’s easy to get started quickly.

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One-time purchase with support

Perpetual License with SELECT

A perpetual license of Bentley software is a one-time purchase, with a yearly maintenance subscription, called SELECT. This includes 24/7/365 technical support, learning resources, and the ability to exchange licenses for other software once a year. With SELECT, you will benefit from:

  • License pooling, so you can access your software from multiple computers.
  • Access additional Bentley software with Term Licenses, which allow you to pay for what you use without the upfront cost of purchasing a perpetual license.

Annual renewal quotes are delivered directly to your inbox, and our experienced Renewal Representatives are available to answer your questions and guide you through any changes you’d like to make.

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