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2D/3D Limit Equilibrium Software

The Essential for LEM Slope Stability Analysis

Accomplish engineering analysis of slope stability, groundwater flow, and consolidation.

What is PLAXIS LE?

With PLAXIS 2D LE or PLAXIS 3D LE you can model and analyze geoengineering projects with limit equilibrium. These powerful software applications for limit equilibrium slope stability analysis and finite element analysis of groundwater seepage provide rapid, comprehensive analysis for various conditions.


  • Create Conceptual Designs
    Build 3D conceptual models in PLAXIS Designer for geotechnical analysis applications like slope stability, groundwater, consolidation, and stress/deformation.

  • Meet Project Requirements and Design Scenarios
    Design to standards like Eurocode 7 or BS 8006. Incorporate reinforcements, dynamic loads, unsaturated conditions, climatic effects, and anisotropic bedding.


  • Analyze Slope Stability
    Create 2D and 3D limit equilibrium slope stability models of soil and rock slopes. Take advantage of the comprehensive set of search methods and more than 15 analysis methods. Use multiplane analysis (MPA), for enhanced spatial slope stability analysis.

  • Integrate Groundwater and Consolidation Analysis
    Perform analysis on embankments, dams, reservoirs, and cover systems through earth structures and broader hydrogeological settings.

  • Automate Workflows
    Save time with automatic sliding direction determination, efficient search, probability analysis, and sensitivity analysis.
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Choose from PLAXIS 2D LE or PLAXIS 3D LE.

PLAXIS 3D LE includes everything in PLAXIS 2D LE, plus:

  • 3D analysis
  • Complex geometry creation
  • Parallel processing to save time

*Prices vary per region. For more options, see licensing and subscriptions section.

User Quote

"The power to collaborate with design, construction, and the owner is where PLAXIS really shines. During meetings, I can quickly respond to stakeholder requests by adjusting geometry and sharing multiple scenarios. Being able to model “on the fly” helps us avoid wasting time going back and forth on emails and phone calls."

— Brice Exley, P.E., Haley & Aldrich


PLAXIS Software Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

PLAXIS 2D LE and PLAXIS 3D LE are powerful applications for limit equilibrium slope stability analysis and finite element analysis of groundwater seepage. Important changes to PLAXIS LE and PLAXIS Designer Support. Learn more about alternative and migration options.

PLAXIS 3D LE includes everything that PLAXIS 2D LE includes but adds additional functionality for 3D analysis as well as:


  • Creation of geometrically complex digital twin 3D models.
  • Creation of 3D models from triangulated surfaces (TINS).
  • Multiple 3D model building methodologies (Extrusions, 2D cross-section stitching, 3D layer cake or material volume method) Slice 3D models into 2D cross-sections.


Parallel processing and improved solution algorithm for greatly reduced solution times.

  • Multi-plane analysis (MPA) spatial stability analysis
  • Material volume method (MVM) geometry definition
  • Bedding guides – for complex geology situations

PLAXIS LE tutorials can be found on Bentley Communities. Additionally, here are some FREE PLAXIS learning resources available in our eStore.

If you want to receive tailored training, Bentley offers extra training and mentoring services. You can choose from tailor-made training, on-demand learning, consulting services, mentoring and more. Learn more about Expert Services here.

The price of PLAXIS 2D LE and PLAXIS 3D LE varies per region. While there are various types of licensing available, a common choice is the 12-month practitioner license offered through Bentley’s eStore. When you purchase through the eStore, you get a Virtuoso Subscription, which means you get both the software AND the training, expert services, and custom mentoring you need to get started quickly.

Seequent, The Bentley Subsurface Company | Seequent is the subsurface software company within Bentley Systems. Together, we’re helping build a more resilient future by connecting the built world above ground with the hidden world below it. It’s easy to purchase a Virtuoso Subscription, through Virtuosity, Bentley’s eStore, and still get the expert technical support from Seequent’s subsurface experts.

Operating System
Windows 10, Windows 11

Intel Pentium-based or AMD Athlon-based PC or workstation

4 GB minimum, 8 GB recommended, (more memory typically results in better performance)

Display Resolution
1024 px by 768 px or better

Hard Disk
2 GB free disk space

256 MB VRAM minimum, with full support for OpenGL 3.3

For the most up-to-date system requirements, visit Bentley Communities.

Licensing and Subscription options

Choose What is Right for You

One-year license with training

Virtuoso Subscription – A popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses

Get access to software that comes with training – fast! Bentley’s eStore, Virtuosity, offers a convenient way to lease a 12-month license of Bentley software for a low, upfront cost. Every online purchase through Virtuosity comes as a Virtuoso Subscription that includes training and auto-renewals.

With no contract required, it’s easy to get started quickly.

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One-time purchase with support

Perpetual License with SELECT

A perpetual license of Bentley software is a one-time purchase, with a yearly maintenance subscription, called SELECT. This includes 24/7/365 technical support, learning resources, and the ability to exchange licenses for other software once a year. With SELECT, you will benefit from:

  • License pooling, so you can access your software from multiple computers.
  • Access additional Bentley software with Term Licenses, which allow you to pay for what you use without the upfront cost of purchasing a perpetual license.

Annual renewal quotes are delivered directly to your inbox, and our experienced Renewal Representatives are available to answer your questions and guide you through any changes you’d like to make.

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