Subscription Entitlement Service

Bentley’s latest applications feature the Subscription Entitlement Service, providing heightened privacy and security protection for your users. Users will sign in to activate their applications, resulting in more secure administration and quicker onboarding of new users.

See the complete Subscription Entitlement Service workflow here, or quick instructions below. For any questions on the meaning of terms that are used in this material, please refer to the terminology page.

Note: If you have received a fulfillment document it is because you are listed as the fulfillment contact on the order that generated your licensing - However not all fulfillment contacts are set up as Administrators. If you are not set up as an administrator or co-Administrator, you will have to defer to someone with at least a co-Administrator role. Finding your Administrator

Get Started

Subscription Subscription Subscription

1  Register Your Users

Signing into CONNECTION Client to gives users access to your Bentley applications, but the users have to affiliated to your account in order to access your accounts licenses.

2  Download your SES enabled application

Users have to have the software download role assigned to be able to download on their own. Installing an SES enabled application will also install CONNECTION Client.
Detailed download instructions

3 Sign into CONNECTION Client

To gain access to licensing users have to sign into CONNECTION Client - This downloads a "policy" from Bentley which specifies that products

For users without an internet connection or extended offline scenarios beyond the offline period of products, provide check-out licenses to users:

Single check-out license

Bulk check-out licenses

Optional but Recommended

Set license alert notifications

By default, all users will have unrestricted access to licensing. To monitor application usage and alert users that they may incur term license usage you can set up license alerts.

Set up users and groups

By default, all users will have access to all application licenses listed in their Entitlement Country. You can define groups to make it more convenient to restrict application access or report usage applications.

View usage reports

through our Analytics Portal.

Other Resources

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