Subscription Entitlement Service

Subscription Entitlement Service

Bentley's Next-Generation Subscription Management

Bentley’s Subscription Entitlement Service empowers organizations to maximize the value of their Bentley applications and services. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the Subscription Entitlement Service is robust and globally available. Embedded in each new release of CONNECT Edition applications and services, the Subscription Entitlement Service is now also available for V8i SELECTseries 10 applications.

The Subscription Entitlement Service provides Bentley’s best privacy and security protection for your users. Significant new administrative capabilities include near real-time usage monitoring, custom license alert notifications, and user-level license management. Users will sign in to activate their applications, which eliminates activation keys and results in more secure administration and quicker onboarding of new users.

Organizations should upgrade to applications and services supported with the Subscription Entitlement Service. Nonetheless, as your organization makes this transition, you will be able to continue to use SELECTserver for previous versions of your applications. Additionally, distinct applications using the Subscription Entitlement Service and SELECTserver can coexist on the same machine. Bentley also combines SELECTserver and Subscription Entitlement Service usage for consolidated usage reporting.

Subscription Entitlement Service Advantages

Secure administration with user-based entitlement management
Rapid onboarding with elimination of activation keys
Better control over license use, with customizable license usage notifications

What To Do


Complete the User Registration process


Read the Administrator’s Guide


Adopt Subscription Entitlement Service-enabled Applications