Premier Scholar Accreditation Program Article

Premier Scholar Accreditation

The New Premier Scholar Accreditation Program Gives Bentley E365 Users the Tools to Stay Competitive

Helping Users Thrive

The success of Bentley users largely depends on their ability to utilize our software solutions with confidence. Bentley’s accreditation programs offer organizations the chance to gain a better understanding of our software functionality while earning meaningful certifications for their users. The Premier Scholar Program is an exclusive program that recognizes the most exceptional technical industry professionals who honed their craft over the years and continually strive for excellence. Premier Scholar brings business success to Bentley E365 users by boosting credibility, certifying software experts, and fostering an environment of continued learning and growth. The program includes a technical bootcamp to drive critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and problem-solving through case studies, presentations, and a capstone project.

The Challenge

Before Premier Scholar launched, Bentley solely offered generalized training programs on our software. These were widely attended and appreciated. However, user feedback was somewhat mixed. Users stated they had trouble scaling the learnings of a single employee across an entire organization. Occasionally, users assumed Bentley products couldn’t perform certain functions, leading to the spread of misinformation about functionality. The temporary solution was to put users through re-training, which could sometimes feel like an “endless cycle.”

The Solution

To address these challenges, a Bentley team in User Success developed Premier Scholar – an expert accreditation program that ensured participants earned a deep understanding of Bentley software applications.

Premier Scholar is designed as a “technical bootcamp,” available to organizations with Bentley E365 agreements. Before joining the Premier Scholar program, individual users must meet a set of prerequisites, including being recommended by their organization for accreditation. The process to get accredited includes an intensive workshop and final capstone project. These sessions focus on best practices, capabilities, and workflows, enabling industry professionals to challenge themselves technically. Participants become part of a community of practice leaders with in-depth knowledge of application workflows.

Premier Scholar Accreditation sessions for OpenRoads Designer are held continually throughout the year with plans to expand into more regions and products soon.

The Success

Organizations and users who participate in the Premier Scholar program receive tremendous benefits. Several businesses stated that having Premier Scholars on staff gave them a boost of credibility during project bids. Several Premier Scholar Alumni stated their colleagues look to them as mentors when they need assistance or inspiration. For many organizations, offering the opportunity to participate in Premier Scholar is a transformational benefit within the E365 agreement.

Hear it from the Scholars

Aaron Van Der Heyden
Aaron Van Der HeydenDesign Manager, Chartered Professional Engineer
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“The much-needed digital evolution of how we design and deliver road projects is well underway and I’m proud to be leading the charge with Bentley presenting me with Premier Scholar accreditation. Most road and highway projects require multiple designers to work collaboratively together and with other disciplines such as drainage, structures, geotechnical and utilities. OpenRoads provides the ability for the whole project team to have complete visibility of, and work on, a single source of truth so that issues and changes can be addressed rapidly, greatly reducing the risk of error… I am genuinely excited to see what the future holds for the industry with software like this now at our fingertips!”
 Chethan ML
Chethan MLSenior Designer Engineer at WSP, GMICE
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“Happy to mention, I have achieved Bentley’s NEW “ORD Premier Scholar” accreditation. It was a great program hosted by Bentley’s team which gave me a quality time to interact with industry experts, preparing project and with capstone presentation.”
Krissy Hoffman
Krissy HoffmanPE, Senior Transportation Engineer at Arcadis
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“I was proud to be selected by Arcadis to participate in the Premier Scholar Program, and to also be the only woman…”
Taylor BrownlowRoadway Designer, AECOM
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"Through the Bentley Premier Scholar Program, I was systematically taken through an introduction and the future of 3D modeling as it relates to the transportation industry. I was also given tools to increase my understanding and capabilities in OpenRoads. The program capstone projects served as my next step in continued learning and development of my professional capabilities, even after completing hours of course on the Bentley Learn Server. They presented real-life engineering challenges that I had yet to encounter and modeling solutions that I didn’t know existed. Holding the Premier Scholar Accreditation ensures that myself and others are better positioned to add value to our organizations and clients, as well as be a technical leader in our offices."

Premier Scholar Gold Badge

Premier Scholars receive a gold badge they can include on LinkedIn, email signatures, and other online platforms to make it easy to share their enthusiasm with their professional network.

Ultimately, Premier Scholar is designed around continual engagement and learning through the Premier Scholar Alumni network. Participants are required to renew their accreditation every 18 months and are encouraged to stay engaged and continue learning through unique events and opportunities. This gives Bentley users with E365 agreements the benefit of open communication and continual learning to stay competitive in the industry.

Premier Scholar OpenRoads Designer Badge

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