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What is SYNCHRO Notes?

SYNCHRO Notes allows you to easily document project notes and photos on your mobile phone. In return, a professional daily report is automatically sent based on daily recorded project information.

SYNCHRO Notes leverages the power of voice, so you can record daily notes with audio recordings, and SYNCHRO’s human transcription team will transcribe the audio notes into text. With its ease of use, users will record notes more often and in greater detail. People interested in SYNCHRO Notes are often users of SYNCHRO Crew.


What is SYNCHRO Crew?

SYNCHRO Crew allows users to track their bottom line. Users can log hours and headcount, and record equipment and materials used on the job site. Teams can easily report who worked and what materials and equipment were used right from their mobile device.

Users can group together Labor, Material, and Equipment entries into Shift Reports and view summary production data in real time. Teams can easily access timecards and daily reports, and view production rates. All entries from both SYNCHRO Notes and SYNCHRO Crew push into your comprehensive daily reports.

User QuoteS

“The best note-keeping app for construction. Being able to write notes by talking into the phone instead of typing them makes it incredibly useful when walking around big construction projects. The ability to attach pictures to notes is also quite useful.”​

— DPR Construction

"Our President and our owners are all able to keep up on progress and see any delays or issues on our projects. It’s really helped everyone, on every level, keep up with what’s going on in the field... Doing dailies has never been easier. I would recommend this service to all that require daily reports.

— FORMA Construction

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