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Pedestrian Modeling & Simulation Software

Model & Simulate the Movement of People To Optimize Pedestrian Infrastructure

Build a precise model of your space that can be simulated and analyzed across a wide range of scenarios to explore how pedestrians and crowds interact with infrastructure and each other.

What is LEGION?

LEGION lets you build an accurate model of your planned populated infrastructure asset. Build railway stations, sports stadiums, airports, office complexes, theaters, piazzas, transport hubs, and virtually any other place where people converge. Import your specific design together with your most accurate estimate of anticipated demand and build your model to represent the best understanding of how your venue will be operated.

Perform virtual experiments on the design and operation of a site and assess the impact of different levels of pedestrian demand. With sophisticated modeling, analysis, and presentation capabilities for projects, LEGION helps enhance pedestrian flow and improve safety by allowing you to test evacuation strategies.

LEGION Model Builder model screen view
  • Set up and run user-defined analyses and generate rich output based on a variety of metrics
  • Record and play back parts of a simulation or run a new simulation
  • Mimic all aspects of an individual’s movement, including personal preferences, awareness of surroundings, spatial restrictions, and perception of other’s behavior
  • View simulations at various speeds, zoom in/out, pause/restart, and export for analysis
  • Access default and automated maps and analyses to accelerate simulation analysis
  • Use modeling and analysis tools to help meet social-distancing requirements in crowded environments

Create Simulation Models

  • Easily build and audit models with automated routing, increased intelligence, and simplified objects.
  • Build models for any type of venue or building, such as sports facilities, urban and commercial buildings, and airports and more.

Scientifically Validated

  • Use technology based on extensive scientific research of pedestrians’ behavior in real contexts. Algorithms are patented, and simulation results have been validated against empirical measurements and qualitative studies.

Accurate Reporting

  • Export and report clear output using maps, graphs, and video to accurately inform stakeholders about crowd densities, evacuation, space use, preferred paths, and overall social impact.


  • Create simulation models
  • Define space characteristics
  • Specify population parameters

*Prices vary per region. For more options, see licensing and subscriptions section.

User Quote

“LEGION was fundamental and decisive for the successful performance of Corinthians-Itaquera station during the opening game of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It provided the fluidity required to safely serve the public.”

— Fernando Galego Boselli, Architect, Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos


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Frequently Asked Questions

LEGION is a package of two applications: LEGION Model Builder and LEGION Simulator.

LEGION Model Builder is a simulation and modeling software that enables you to run and evaluate virtually any place where people converge, such as railway stations, sports stadiums, airports, office complexes, theaters, piazzas, and transport hubs. As an interoperable software, you can easily import building geometry from a large range of CAD/IFC file types. Simply build and audit models with automated routing, increased intelligence, and simplified objects. Easily reuse your data when you define and share objects across projects and teams, and link operational data to the model. Quickly prepare and import your model with data template that is flexible and simple to audit. An integrated CAD drawing feature also allows you to quickly modify designs. Reduce your auditing time and make quick updates when you consume data such as destination data and entity types.

LEGION Simulator enables you to simulate people’s movement to explore various design alternatives. Its data-rich analysis output supports infrastructure assets that range from metro stations and airports to stadiums and shopping malls. With LEGION Simulator, you can accurately test designs and plans to enhance footfall, wayfinding, crowd management, safety, and security strategies.

The price of LEGION varies per region. While there are various types of licensing available, a common choice is the 12-month practitioner license offered through Bentley’s eStore. When you purchase through the eStore you get a Virtuoso Subscription. This means you get the software and “Keys” (tokens) to redeem for customizable training, mentoring, and consulting services.

Intel Core i9 processor of at least 3.5 GHz

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10, or later

64 GB of fast RAM

Hard Disk
Separate OS & data SSDs

Video Graphics Card
Dedicated graphics card with at least 8 GB memory

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel 2007 or later to enable data file input. LEGION supports all Excel file formats, including ‘xlsx’ and ‘xlsm’

For the most up-to-date system requirements, visit Bentley Communities.

Licensing and Subscription options

Choose What is Right for You

One-year license with training

Virtuoso Subscription – A popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses

Get access to software that comes with training – fast! Bentley’s eStore, Virtuosity, offers a convenient way to lease a 12-month license of Bentley software for a low, upfront cost. Every online purchase through Virtuosity comes as a Virtuoso Subscription that includes training and auto-renewals.

With no contract required, it’s easy to get started quickly.

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One-time purchase with support

Perpetual License with SELECT

A perpetual license of Bentley software is a one-time purchase, with a yearly maintenance subscription, called SELECT. This includes 24/7/365 technical support, learning resources, and the ability to exchange licenses for other software once a year. With SELECT, you will benefit from:

  • License pooling, so you can access your software from multiple computers.
  • Access additional Bentley software with Term Licenses, which allow you to pay for what you use without the upfront cost of purchasing a perpetual license.

Annual renewal quotes are delivered directly to your inbox, and our experienced Renewal Representatives are available to answer your questions and guide you through any changes you’d like to make.

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