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Learn how you can build your own applications and solutions on the iTwin platform.

Innovate with Digital Twins

With the help of the Bentley iTwin platform and iTwin.js, integrators, developers, engineering firms, and Bentley are solving infrastructure challenges.

Beyond CAD is a new, more efficient, photorealistic 3D visualization engine for civil and transportation projects. The integration developed by Beyond CAD enables infrastructure digital twin models to be rendered on their 3D visualization software leveraging the Unreal Engine.

M2X.ai blends video game technology with building industry workflows. Their product M2 Diagram leverages the Bentley iTwin platform to sync, federate, and serve up building information modeling data including all major engineering design software file types.

Allvision built an integration that brings their rapid digital twin audits generated from the field data and AI as federated data into any iTwin model. This allows decision-makers in the road and rail transportation markets to improve their workflows and monitor infrastructure changes.

neARabl built a mobile application that creates an augmented reality experience for digital twins served by the Bentley iTwin platform. Their application helps construction project stakeholders navigate and interact with constantly changing building sites.

Silo AI built a solution for city pipeline infrastructure owners to predict failures and increase operation efficiency of district heating. Their solution combines Silo AI’s advanced data analysis with the Bentley iTwin platform, providing easy to use visualizations of the pipeline assets.

Phocaz built an application to aggregate traffic design data and graphic workflows for transportation agencies. Phocaz’s Traffic Design Data Manager simplifies data navigation by synchronizing report records with feature location, allowing you to track design issues such as missing lengths, pay items, or alignment names.

CCTech built an iTwin application that displays HVAC simulation results from their simulationHub Computational Fluid Dynamics. The application allows the user to visualize comfort conditions and better understand the HVAC design performance.

SmartViz built a solution for building performance and optimization on the Bentley iTwin platform. Their solution integrates IoT data, energy consumption, and occupancy analytics on a building digital twin powered by iTwin, allowing their AI engine to analyze building performance and generate predictive models.

Wipro’s Smart i-Building solution focuses on real-time monitoring, alerts, and incident management for large buildings and campuses worldwide. The solution leverages the iTwin Platform for building visualization, design, analysis, and documentation.


ClimaTwin integrated their hyper-local weather risk and analytics intelligence with the iTwin platform to enhance their situational awareness solutions across the infrastructure asset’s lifecycle. The iTwin platform supports Climatwin’s solution for data aggregation, visualization, and analytics.


Akular developed an AR/VR app on the iTwin platform to support their solutions for visualization and construction of infrastructure projects. The iTwin platform serves as an integration layer to federate, align, and synchronize disparate datastreams and enhances Akular solution’s clash detection, issue resolution, and version compare capabilities.


Hepta utilizes the iTwin platform for lidar point-cloud visualization and integration of different data formats on their uBird power line inspection and analysis solution. uBird combines the resulting digital twins with an AI-driven software tool that assists qualified inspectors to easily identify defects and prevent hazards along their assets.


iNESS BDex offering uses the iTwin platform to incorporate 3D visualization of building models and operational IoT data. BDex leverages the iTwin platform to aggregate and align disparate engineering and reality modeling data which are critical for the solution’s AI-driven insights.

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REscan’s mobile app makes spaces remotely viewable, analyzable, editable, and ready for spatial computing applications. The iTwin platform allows REscan’s app to seamlessly combine reality data with BIM/CAD data of commercial real estate environments while in the field.


Waveo’s artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm improves the analysis of point clouds generated from multiple types of data sources. The iTwin platform allowed Waveo to integrate their AI algorithm into Bentley’s OpenTower IQ enhancing its decision making and visualization capabilities.

Agile Handover

Agile Handover developed a SaaS handover service that enables digital validation and curation of project-centric handovers to O&M views for Digital Twin and O&M utilization. Agile Handover utilized the iTwin platform for synchronization, visualization and alignment of 2D / 3D design data and O&M documentation into iTwin O&M information views.