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AssetWise Rail Condition Analytics

Rail and Transit Asset Performance Software

The Fast Track to Improved Rail and Transit Asset Performance

Unlock the potential of your organization’s data with predictive maintenance strategies using the latest innovations in linear analytics.

AssetWise Rail Condition Analytics enables small to medium-sized rail and transit agencies to rapidly deploy analytical and decision-support tools on data you already have. The solution enables you to realize a faster return on investment and gain confidence, as well as maintain linear assets—now and in the future.

You will benefit from optimized rail maintenance strategies that improve renewal decisions with minimal time and cost, helping to achieve greater efficiency, easier regulatory compliance, and enhanced operational performance. Ensure your rail and transit network is maintained in a state of good repair (SGR), increasing the value of your maintenance activities and budget through completion of the right work, in the right place, at the right time.

Reduce Costs and Rapid ROI

AssetWise Rail Condition Analytics draws on industry best practices to deliver additional value from your existing track measurement condition data. With pre-configured data import tools and linear analytics, you can reduce the time and cost of deployment.

Intelligent Insights and Reporting

Develop proactive strategies using automated key condition score reporting and visibility into past maintenance activities, enabling you to predict and validate future decisions that improve service, safety and long-term asset reliability.

Future-proof Your Decisions

AssetWise Rail Condition Analytics uses predictive technology that enables you to work smarter, providing the insight and visibility you need to optimize and future-proof key maintenance and renewal decisions.

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AssetWise Rail Condition Analytics

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