May 01, 2019

Bentley Introduces Project Insights and PDF Markup for ProjectWise

Available Now with ProjectWise CONNECT Edition

Purpose of the Release

Bentley is pleased to announce the general availability of Project Insights, a new addition to ProjectWise 365 Services included in ProjectWise CONNECT Edition. Project Insights enables more informed and proactive decisions by project leaders, stakeholders, and participants through real-time, actionable analytics and trends on design status and progress. With Project Insights, your project teams can stay ahead of problems and replicate their best projects’ successes.

Bentley is also pleased to announce the general availability of PDF Review and Markup, a new foundational capability for ProjectWise 365 Services, initially available through ProjectWise Share. PDF Review and Markup advances collaboration and accelerates design reviews by enabling project participants to concurrently review, markup, and share comments on 2D PDF drawings using a web browser. PDF Review and Markup may also reduce your IT costs by eliminating third-party PDF review capabilities.

Key Capabilities

Project Insights

  • Access automated reporting for always up-to-date design project status
  • View analytics and trends on the past, present, and probable future of project performance
  • Monitor best practices using configurable dashboards to track digital behaviors

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PDF Review and Markup

  • Access and interact with PDFs from a web browser
  • Conduct collaborative review sessions with multiple project participants
  • Create and view comments and markups
  • Create and submit issues to ProjectWise Issues Resolution service

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