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Talent Management

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The Key to Success

With their skills, dedication, and passion, Bentley colleagues are why we can continue to make a difference through advancing the world’s infrastructure. Our number one goal is to ensure that all colleagues know that they are supported and valued. Our global talent management is essential to attract and retain top talent, remain competitive, and ensure our success and continued growth.

Our Strategy

We put colleagues at the center of the workplace at Bentley, focusing on building an inclusive and engaging culture. We focus on enriching our colleagues’ experience with impactful programs, fostering an environment where they can create memorable and meaningful connections. We build practices that provide engagement, recognition, communication, and development while rewarding colleagues through our robust total rewards package.

The Facts

As of December 31, 2021, we had 4,626 full-time colleagues around the world. These colleagues averaged 6.2 years of total service and include experts in all disciplines of infrastructure. Of these colleagues, 107 have doctoral degrees and 1,158 master’s level degrees, and hundreds have extensive experience as infrastructure professionals.

Of the colleagues who participated in Bentley’s 2021 Annual Colleague Engagement Survey, 85% said they were proud to work for Bentley and 87% would gladly recommend Bentley as a place to work!

Our Commitments to Our Colleagues

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Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Our talent strategy and corporate culture focuses on building a diverse and inclusive global workforce. We make it a priority to develop and support a culture where every voice matters. We achieve this priority with embedded resources, tools, and opportunities throughout the talent lifecycle, and work to create—and maintain—a diverse workforce. Our DEI page has more information about our strategies.

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Empowered and Engaged

Bentley provides an open, collaborative, and collegial work environment filled with meaningful professional projects, career opportunities, and inspiring leadership and teams. Colleagues are empowered to own their projects and careers, and they are set up for success through the tools, technology, and career-advancement opportunities. Goals are aligned, clearly defined, and continuously discussed.

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Opportunity for Growth

We invest in our colleagues through training programs, mentorships, performance reviews, recognition programs, and career opportunities to nurture lifelong career growth. We view skill and career development as a shared partnership between managers and colleagues. Open and continuous discussion around development goals and growth paths are encouraged and supported to maximize potential.

Our Response to COVID-19

When the world locked down to combat the COVID-19 virus, we took immediate action to ensure our colleagues had the equipment and resources they needed to work from home, which also enabled success for our users. Our global task force provided continuous communication, education, and support services to our colleagues. Their well-being fueled our response plan, and we created learning resources to support them throughout the pandemic. These resources included guides and practices for managers to lead virtually with empathy, tips for maintaining team collaboration, and resources and support for colleagues to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

As the pandemic continues, and work flexibility is seen as the key to success for the business and our colleagues’ well-being, we’ve introduced the Infrastructure Empowered Workforce Plan (IEWP). The IEWP is built on a solid foundation of trust. Colleagues are empowered to make responsible and effective choices on the right balance between working from the office and remotely. This plan does not require colleagues to come into the office at any specific frequency. Rather, it provides colleagues the flexibility to make these choices with their manager and within their teams to achieve business success and maintain a high level of productivity and engagement.

Talent retention

We are proud to be an employer of choice for our global colleagues. Our talent development and engagement strategies, including a strong culture and competitive benefits, allow us to continue to invest in our colleagues to retain our top talent.