Opportunity for Growth

Opportunity for Growth

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Commitment In Action

Opportunity for Growth

Bentley is committed to investing in our most valuable resource—our colleagues. To support skill development and maintain our strong learning, feedback, and growth culture, Bentley colleagues are empowered to take control of their learning and development. Continued development is beneficial to our colleagues’ wellbeing, allowing us to then better support our users and their innovative work.

Talent Development and Learning

Bentley encourages colleagues to create a habit of learning. There are opportunities for individual contributors, managers, and leaders to continue their growth and skill development and enhance personal and professional potential through access to millions of curated articles, videos, courses, podcasts, and events. Additionally, Bentley provides a Colleague Development Roadmap that focuses on core competency building, along with regular coaching, conversation, and connection. This roadmap creates a more profound learning experience, enabling a knowledge-sharing environment and aids in building effective habits that deliver transformational results. In 2021, 95% of our colleagues accessed and completed content from the 30 integrated providers.

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Education Assistance Program

Professional development is further encouraged through formal education so that colleagues may further develop job-related skills and enhance career progression within Bentley. Applicable programs include graduate programs, core undergraduate courses, certification programs/tests, language courses, and licensure courses/tests. In addition, professional subscription and industry membership fees, as well as research paper funding, are reimbursable.

Leadership Enablement and Development (LEAD)

To identify and accelerate growth for the next generation of Bentley leaders, our leadership training focuses on developing high-performing candidates at the director level and above. The Bentley LEAD program was developed based on Bentley’s leadership competence framework. Learning pathways corresponding to each competence and intensive one-on-one mentoring with Bentley executives are offered to develop leadership competencies based on 360 feedback, personality assessment, and action planning.

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