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Empowered and Engaged

Empowered and Engaged

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Commitment in Action

Empowered and Engaged

As part of our commitment to building an inclusive and engaging culture, we conduct annual colleague engagement surveys, as well as pulse surveys, to foster an open feedback culture, engage our colleagues, and assess our talent strategies. In 2021, the results showed that colleagues feel valued and that Bentley has open, honest communication. Colleagues also appreciate our hardworking culture, the work itself, and trust the company and their teams. They feel positive about how their managers empower them, help them solve problems, and set clear expectations.


At Bentley, our colleagues’ well-being is important. We created My Wellbeing to support our colleagues and maintain a long-standing wellness culture. My Wellbeing promotes health-related initiatives where the outcomes strengthen engagement so that our colleagues around the world can share resources and ideas to inspire healthy living and work-life balance. The program has a strong focus on mental health and provides curated ideas, thoughts, education, research, resources, and interactive elements.


Our colleagues work hard every day to help sustain Bentley, our products, and our users’ success. Bentley can’t achieve this success without our colleagues. Colleagues, managers, and leaders are encouraged to recognize team members and peers through individual initiatives; however, we also have formal programs to help celebrate our colleagues throughout the year.

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Bentley Founders' Awards

Every year, Bentley’s top performers are recognized with a Founders’ Award. Their outstanding contributions and extraordinary effort, productivity, and reliability are essential to maintaining Bentley’s position as a leading provider of software solutions for the world’s infrastructure.

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Colleague Service Awards

Recognizing our colleagues when they reach milestone anniversaries in their years of service has always been important to Bentley. The Global Service Awards program recognizes colleagues celebrating their third, fifth, and all subsequent five-year milestone Bentley anniversaries. Service recognition at Bentley is about spotlighting the moments, community, and relationships, as well as celebrating the colleague for who they are and the successes they have achieved.

Global Benefits

While the total rewards package is a strategic tool to attract top talent, more importantly, it motivates the top talent already within Bentley—our colleagues—to continually strive for success.

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Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Bentley colleagues can purchase BSY shares through our Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). The ESPP allows colleagues to set aside a portion of their monthly pay to purchase Bentley shares at the end of the offering period at a discount to market prices.

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Colleague Assistance Programs

Colleague Assistance Programs (EAP) include confidential counseling and referral services, fully paid by Bentley, are available to colleagues and eligible dependents to support work/life balance and help manage life’s challenges, including family issues, life transitions, addictions, and emotional difficulties.

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Bentley Impact Day

To recognize Bentley’s culture of service and philanthropy, Bentley Impact Day is offered to colleagues globally. Aligned with our mission to improve the world’s infrastructure and quality of life, Bentley Impact Day lets colleagues take a day off from work to volunteer with an organization of their choice.