• Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates, Ltd.

    SkyHouse Apartments

    Multiple Cities, United States

Project Summary


The Novare Group develops USD 45 million to USD 75 million apartment complexes in cities throughout the United States, including projects completed, in design, or under construction in 17 locations. The prototypical project is a 23-story, 320-unit complex with street-level retail space. Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates modifies the structural design for each location based on local building ordinances, geology, seismicity, and wind forces.


Rather than performing full architectural, engineering, electrical, and plumbing design and construction planning for each building, the developer created the plans one time and reuses the design (modified to conform to local requirements) at multiple locations. As the structural engineer for this project, Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates is able to reuse the 3D model of the prototype design, making the necessary structural changes for each location while preserving the architectural design and layout.


Using a standardized (prototypical) building design at multiple locations allows the developer to provide profitable, economical housing and retail space at reduced development, design, and construction costs. It also shortens the schedule so ongoing projects can be rolled out within tight deadlines. This collaborative and innovative approach enabled the team to save an estimated 12 weeks on the schedule and lowered costs by 25 percent. The cumulative savings in design, development, and construction results in more affordable accommodations for the end user.


RAM Structural System and RAM Concept allow Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates to make the local changes quickly, and provide the updated designs to the developer, architect, and contractor within short timeframes. The speed with which a structure can be modeled, analyzed, and designed with Bentley’s RAM software results in significant reductions in project delivery time. At the same time, the RAM products ensure a safe, efficient, and functional design.
  • Only minor design changes are required for each location, so each building is designed and detailed at a fraction of the cost compared to designing from scratch.
  • The cumulative experience gained from the construction of each building helps eliminate problems and shorten the schedule for subsequent buildings.
  • Working from a prototype allows the contractor to anticipate construction safety issues based on experience with past installations of the same building.
  • The prototype building design approach enables the project team to save an estimated 12 weeks on the schedule and lowers project costs by 25 percent.
  • “With RAM Structural System and RAM Concept we took the original prototype model and quickly made changes to adhere to differing local requirements. We could easily share those complete and updated designs with the developer, architect, and contractor. These capabilities helped us collaborate better as a team, and we were able to deliver these projects to the building owners on time and within budget.”

    Jason D. Perry P.E., S.E., Associate Principal Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates, Ltd.