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Section Profile Calculation Software

With Sectionwizard you can quickly and accurately calculate section properties and retrieve stress values for all of your custom and assembled shapes, within the familiar STAAD.Pro interface. Save time by quickly building sections using custom profiles, standard libraries, parametrically defined sections, or imported shapes with metric or imperial unit systems. You can easily calculate elastic and plastic section properties of custom and built-up shapes, including area, moment of inertia, plastic and section moduli, torsional and warping constants, and many more. Quickly visualize and compare stress values at any point of a cross section using axial forces and moments on your shape profile to verify the adequacy of your section.

  • Import section shapes created in DXF

    • Quickly import metric or imperial custom-defined section profiles detailed in DXF drawings. Alternatively define regular shapes with simple key dimensions or pick from a range of standard libraries.
  • Produce section property reports

    • Quickly calculate section properties and easily produce detailed reports on your custom section profiles.
  • Utilize international section profiles

    • Complete your structural model using a vast array of international section profile databases, which are included at no extra charge. Take advantage of global design opportunities around the world.
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