• Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction

    Advanced Feature Extraction of 3D Mapping Data

Analyze your Reality Data

Quickly and efficiently navigate through all types and sizes of mapping data in a full 3D view. Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction supports all known mobile, UAS, aerial oblique, indoor, and terrestrial mapping hardware systems, translating different device setups and specifications into a single user-friendly environment. With templates tuned to each vehicle setup, Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction makes importing your mapping data simple and saves you time when you export views and features or create accurate reports.

Available in a client-server setup, there are three versions of Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction software -- Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction, Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Backpack Edition, and Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction C/S. The client-server setup enables professional modeling teams to organize and manage the production workflow according to team-specific requirements.

  • Access workflow assisted feature extraction management capabilities

    • Improve your workflows and generate faster feature extractions with assisted feature extraction management capabilities that easily define and manage your layer themes. You can create objects with any measurement feature, as well as add attribution, create snapshots, and documents to your 3D mapping data.
  • Analyze mapping data and create reports

    • Efficiently process cross-sections along your trajectory or create a profile along a 3D path. Easily calculate mapping data and analyze volumes over time. Quickly detect clashes using an imported or designed shape. Achieve your optimal slice view for in-depth analyses and generate contour lines within a predefined area. Create a results report once you analyze and document your mapping data.
  • Autodetect poles and traffic signs

    • Quickly detect poles and traffic signs with automated detection capabilities, as well as define a perfect set of parameters to complete the verification procedure for quality control. Results that are stored in your database include all required metadata, such as ground position, height, snapshot, and sign shape.
  • Automatically recognize points, surfaces, ridges, and corners

    • Optimize hovering and measurement behaviors using the preference box to precisely find the information needed for your mapping workflows. Effectively visualize your mapping data using colorized hovering capabilities to detect underlying point clouds, snap to the nearest point, and interpolate between points and track surfaces, ridges, and corners.
  • Export mapping views and features

    • Easily extract features and save in GIS/CAD after viewing your mapping data. See skyline backdrops in 3D, create 3D movies, and quickly export a flythrough of the 3D view.
  • Measure your mapping data and imagery

    • Accurately measure your 2D and 3D mapping data and obtain your triangulation measurements with a single click. Apply assisted, automated measurements of point, line, area, circle, catenary curve, squared, and volumes to extract along track trees, curbs, road markings, guard rails, pavement borders, and cables.
  • Navigate mapping data in full 2D or 3D view

    • Quickly view your mapping data in 2D or 3D, play through all supporting images, and overlay any 2D and 3D vector data. You can set transparency, view depth, and make height adjustments to any 3D point cloud. Set different modes to get stereo, perspective, and isometric 3D views.
  • Optimize 3D mapping teamwork with client-server setup

    • Easily set up your production unit with a floating license structure for a team manager and several operators. The team manager can import and prepare the mobile mapping data, workflow setup, data management, export of themes and database, and operator control. The operators can share resources, including mobile mapping data, themes, visualization, and permissions. Elements are extracted to a central data storage environment providing real-time adjustments for all operators.
  • Slice horizontally and vertically with the floor plan builder

    • Save time and effort in your workflows by always making the right slices through captured point clouds and easily updating indoor or outdoor measurements. Start from scratch or update existing floor plans using the incorporated Floor Plan Builder.
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