• Orbit 3DM Content Manager

    Optimize, Manage, Catalog, and Archive 3D Mapping Data


Manage your Reality Data

Manage 3D mapping data after capture and before processing, map production, asset modeling, or data sharing. Orbit 3DM Content Manager enables data acquisition experts to easily optimize and manage massive amounts of imagery, point cloud, and 3D mapping data from a variety of sources.

Scalable and hardware-neutral, Orbit 3DM Content Manager gives you the full 3D 360° view of your mapping project by enabling real-time fusion of street-level, aerial, oblique, indoor, and static data collection. Easily navigate through terabytes of point clouds, imagery, and 3D mobile mapping data.

  • Catalog and archive 3D mapping data

    • Readily maintain a comprehensive overview of all available 3D mapping data, combined with imagery, vector, and raster mapping data. Open catalogs to quickly view, process, archive, consolidate, or deliver and share with stakeholders.
  • Clean up multiple passes, moving objects, noise for point cloud

    • Improve the quality of point clouds before consolidating or exporting to share by removing people, moving objects, and eliminating inconsistencies and other unwanted elements.
  • Enhance and correct 3D mapping data positional accuracy

    • Easily analyze positional accuracy by graph and colorized display on maps by selecting any stretch of the trajectory. Load ground control points and measure constraints to instantly preview trajectory adjustment of point clouds or measure imagery positions and angles to perform a trajectory.
  • Manage massive amounts of company-wide 3D mapping data

    • Quickly import and organize your 3D mapping data of any size from any system. Easily view, merge, clean, correct, catalog, and archive terabytes of data from your mobile, oblique, terrestrial, UAS, and indoor mapping projects.
  • Optimize point cloud data for performance, use, and storage

    • Efficiently clean LiDAR point cloud data before sharing mapping projects by removing ghosts, optimizing image quality while also analyzing and reporting positional accuracy.
  • Process and colorize point cloud data for sharing

    • Simply process colorized point cloud data with capabilities for thinning and stripping, optimizing an image, and obtaining ortho from point cloud and spherical imagery. You can use the task manager to quickly consolidate the data to deliver and share.
  • Upload and share 3D mapping data

    • Directly upload consolidated mobile mapping projects to Orbit 3DM Cloud, a cloud-based online platform, or deliver to the Orbit 3DM Publisher, an on-premises solution, to share point clouds and imagery online.
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