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    Simulate Real Life

Simulation and Modeling Software

Build a precise model of a space that can be simulated and analyzed based on a set of key inputs.

Build a model based on key inputs such as design, demand, and operational data. Accurately run and evaluate sites such as railway stations, sports stadiums, airports, office complexes, theaters, piazzas, transport hubs, and virtually any other place where people converge.

  • Simplify Modeling: Easily build and audit models with automated routing, increased intelligence, and simplified objects.
  • Reuse Data: Define, reuse, and share objects across projects and teams, and link operational data to the model. Easily prepare and import model with data template that is flexible and simple to audit.
  • Interoperable: Import building geometry from a large range of CAD/IFC file types. An integrated CAD drawing feature allows you to quickly modify designs. Consume necessary data, including destination data and entity types, to reduce auditing time and allow quick updates.
    • Create Simulation Models
    • Define Space Characteristics
    • Specify Population Parameters
    • Create Simulation Models
    • Define Space Characteristics
    • Specify Population Parameters
  • Create Simulation Models

    • Build models for any type of venue or building, such as sports facilities, urban and commercial buildings, and airports.
  • Define Space Characteristics

    • Define the physical and operational characteristics of the pedestrian environment you need to test, such as designating areas where activities like waiting occur.
  • Specify Population Parameters

    • Populate the model based on activities and characteristics such as size, speed, and personal preferences.
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Integrate Pedestrian Simulation in the Design Process
LEGION enables you to fully model pedestrian traffic in transportation design with OpenBuildings Station Designer.
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