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PLAXIS Monopile Design Software

PLAXIS Monopile Designer (formerly PLAXIS MoDeTo) is the most advanced application for designing monopile foundations. With PLAXIS Monopile Designer, you can significantly optimize the designs for your monopile foundation project and lower steel, fabrication, transportation, and installation costs.

PLAXIS Monopile Designer uses the most advanced and innovative method for designing laterally loaded monopiles - the Pile Soil Analysis (PISA). This method is the industry’s best practice for developing current and future generation offshore wind farms. Through it, PLAXIS Monopile Designer addresses many of the shortcomings of other design methods for construction in the offshore wind turbine sector.

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    • 3D Design Verification
    • PLAXIS MoDeTo
    • Optimised monopile design method
    • Seamless integration with the PLAXIS environment
    • State-of-the-art research brought to engineering practice
    • 3D Design Verification
    • PLAXIS-MoDeTo-teaser-1080p
    • PLAXIS MoDeTo
    • Optimised monopile design method
    • Seamless integration with the PLAXIS environment
    • State-of-the-art research brought to engineering practice
  • Analysis of layered soils according to PISA Phase 2

    • With PLAXIS Monopile Designer CONNECT Edition, you can combine multiple sets of soil reaction curves, either rule-based or numerically calibrated from homogeneous soil profiles, to conduct 1D analyses of monopiles in layered soil in accordance to the findings of PISA Phase 2. Once a set of soil reaction curves is calibrated for a homogeneous soil profile, they can be stored and re-used to generate multiple layered stratigraphies, e.g. for the analysis of different locations within an offshore wind farm.
  • Integrate seamlessly with PLAXIS

    • Use PLAXIS Monopile Designer either as a stand-alone application when supplying the soil reaction curves, or in connection with PLAXIS 3D to calibrate them numerically according to the specific properties of the site. Pair PLAXIS Monopile Designer with PLAXIS 3D for a well proven and robust finite element solution for any type of offshore or onshore structure and reach your full design potential.
  • Optimize monopile designs

    • With PLAXIS Monopile Designer CONNECT Edition you can analyze the ability of monopile foundations to resist lateral loads based on a 1D Timoshenko beam finite element model and realistic soil reaction curves. This approach is accurate even for large diameter monopiles, while retaining many of the assumptions of the traditional P-Y approach. As a result, you could reduce the embedded length of the piles by up to 35 percent.
  • State-of-the-art research brought to engineering practice

    • Developed in collaboration with Oxford University, PLAXIS Monopile Designer transfers the enhanced design method established in the PISA Phase 1 and Phase 2 research reports to current industry design practice.
  • Use of standard API P-Y curves for clays and sands

    • In addition to numerical-based or rule-based PISA soil reaction curves, engineers can model soil behavior in 1D analyses using codified P-Y curves for clays and sands according to the API RP 2A-WSD standard.
  • 3D Design Verification

    • Automate the generation and calculation of a PLAXIS 3D FEM model to verify the final monopile geometry and validate the 1D design approach, as required by most design codes. Design verification models can be generated both for homogenous and layered profiles.
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