Cost-effective monopile design

PLAXIS Monopile Design Software

Produce optimized designs for your next monopile foundation project and reduce the amount of steel required to decrease wind farm costs. Efficient design translates to large cost savings when you consider how a significant reduction in the amount of steel impacts not only steel costs, but minimizes fabrication, transportation, and installation costs. Easily transfer the results of the PISA Joint Industry Research Project to your daily engineering practice using PLAXIS MoDeTo, tested on a variety of large-scale project types. Use PLAXIS MoDeTo as a stand-alone application for the rule-based design method or in connection with PLAXIS 3D for the numerical-based design method.

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  • Optimize monopile designs

    • Analyze the ability of monopile foundations to resist lateral loads on the basis of a 1D Timoshenko beam finite element model, accurate even for large diameter monopiles, and realistic soil reaction curves, while retaining many of the the assumptions of the p-y approach. Reduce the embedded length of the piles by up to 50 percent with PLAXIS MoDeTo.
  • Integrate seamlessly with PLAXIS

    • Use PLAXIS MoDeTo either as a stand-alone application when supplying the soil reaction curves, or in connection with PLAXIS 3D, to calibrate them numerically according to the specific properties of the site. Pair PLAXIS MoDeTo with PLAXIS 3D for a well proven and robust finite element solution for any type of offshore or onshore structure and reach your full design potential.
  • State-of-the-art research brought to engineering practice

    • Developed in collaboration with Oxford University, PLAXIS MoDeTo transfers the enhanced design method established in the PISA Final Report of May 2016 to current industry design practice.