Automate Traffic Sign Inventory, Maintenance, and Manufacturing


Traffic signage is not just a standard asset to transportation. It is a critical component of public safety. Traditionally, transportation agencies have managed sign assets in spreadsheets, leaving room for inaccurate data and oversights on signs in poor condition. SignTRACK introduces a cloud-based sign management solution, enabling real-time inventory, tracking of all activities, and current conditions data that are vital to the efficiency of an agency’s business as well as the safety of its surrounding community.

With SignTRACK, keep records of important historical documentation, including what was done and when, with timestamps and photo documentation. Inventory begins during the design phase, minimizing the need for additional field data collection and eliminating redundant data entry. Everything that is known about the sign is uploaded starting at the design stage. In the field, simply add the picture and install date. Updates can be made in real time while work is being done in the field on iOS or Android tablets. With online and offline access, you can view data from the office or in the field. 

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  • Automate Field Sign Inventory

    • Store the entire signage inventory and history of activities, including when the sign was installed and each time it was replaced or changed. View multiple pictures for documentation of field conditions and mounting configuration, such as multiple signs on support.
  • Automate Field Sign Inspection

    • View current conditions of signage in your road network, including assessments of retro-reflectivity. Document conditions over time and prompt remedy of hazardous conditions to reduce liabilities.
  • Automate Field Sign Maintenance

    • Time stamp sign maintenance activities and generate replacement reports based on lifespan calculations. Activities can be associated with account codes for billing and generating progress reports. Track work order progress and keep a complete history, including changes over time.
  • Generate Reports

    • Generate reports on any combination of attributes through a simple browser-based interface. Reports can be generated on current sign inventory and on sign history. Field inventory reports can include images.
  • Visualize Data

    • Easily visualize field signage with a map interface. Search and display location, condition, and maintenance activities for any asset in a map for better visibility. Detail of each sign includes the location, physical location, sign details, and support details.
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