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    Multi-state oversize/overweight vehicle permitting

Multi-state Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permit Software

GotPermits provides an online permit application system for oversize/overweight vehicles by participating state systems. You can save time and increase efficiency by entering only the specific information needed by relevant states to obtain multi-state permits and routing to resolve cross-boundary issues. The software’s uniform processing not only simplifies data entry but also ensures you conform to all state laws, routing requirements, and processes.
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  • Comply with transportation rules and regulations

    • Comply with transportation rules and regulations and government or agency reporting requirements. Save time, increase efficiency, and reduce costs while ensuring safety.
  • Manage and issue oversize and overweight vehicle permits

    • Manage and issue oversize and overweight vehicle permits with an automated management system for permit issuance and an easy way to acquire oversize/overweight (OS/OW) permits online.
  • Perform real-time route validation

    • Perform real-time route validation on the size/weight of permit vehicles and the constraints and conditions of specified routes. Reduce time, optimize routes, and increase efficiency of the routing of your oversize/overweight vehicles.
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