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    AssetWise Operational Analytics

    Operational performance with context, clarity, and confidence

Predictive Operational Analytics Software

AssetWise Operational Analytics helps you move beyond isolated business intelligence applications. Understand operational performance data and costs in near real-time, and identify areas for improvement that increase safety and reliability to optimize asset performance. With advances in industrial sensor technology and the internet of things (IoT), massive amounts of asset data is now available, and you need to harness the data from these diverse sources and utilize it for actionable intelligence. AssetWise consolidates operational and asset data and performs analytics to reveal patterns in interactive dashboards and reports, enabling you to visualize your existing operation and make informed decisions which affect asset performance, safety, security, and compliance.

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  • Analyze data trends

    • Discover patterns in your operational and asset performance data so you can make smarter decisions and act in good time. Model performance based on past and real-time information to determine what could happen in the future, allowing you to act now.
  • Conduct predictive operational analysis

    • Increase uptime and production by predicting the future with predictive operational analytics to identify and react to events ahead of time. By having predictive strategies in place, you can plan proactive actions with minimum disruption to the operation.
  • Converge operational, IT, and engineering data for decision support

    • Gain context, clarity and confidence for better operational decisions by converging operational and IT data with digital engineering models for right-time predictions and informed actions that can then be automated for dynamic management of asset performance.
  • Monitor and visualize operations in real time

    • Bring your data to life by making your whole operation visible, providing the right people with the right information at the right time. Bring all information across the entire operation into a single portal to enable smarter decisions in real time.
  • Validate operational data

    • Ensure your operational information is clean and correct by adding calculations around incoming data that check for spurious or suspicious data anomalies. Values can be removed, replaced, or used to trigger an alarm for subsequent action, safeguarding the integrity of the information and the value it will bring to decisions further down the line.
  • Analyze rail and track condition

    • Analyze and compare large volumes of current and historic track and rail asset data so you can more effectively plan maintenance resources and activities. Make better decisions about track and other maintenance-of-way assets. Maximize track capacity and ensure on-time reliability, while reducing costs and optimizing planned outage times.
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AssetWise Connect Edition Brochure
AssetWise CONNECT Edition Brochure

Drive your digital journey to operational excellence with AssetWise.

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OpenRail for Asset Performance
OpenRail for Asset Performance Brochure
Improve overall accessibility, quality, integrity and relevance of rail asset data.​​
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