AssetWise Linear Analytics

Improve Rail and Transit Asset Performance

Reduce Risk and Improve Reliability

Rail agencies need to collect and manage an increasingly large amount and variety of data, while working to improve the overall safety and reliability of the networks they own and operate. AssetWise Linear Analytics provides advanced and highly configurable analytical and decision support tools that help optimize rail maintenance strategies. Available in the cloud or on-site, the solution turns data into actionable information, driving greater efficiency through better decisions while working to meet regulatory compliance and maintain a safe and reliable network.

Work Smarter to Optimize Rail and Transit Maintenance


Big Data & IoT

Harness the power of big data and IoT to drive efficiency and enable more timely, targeted maintenance decisions.
big data

Data Insights

Perform analysis and data trend forecasting that enables your engineers to make better-informed decisions about maintenance and renewals.

Data Visualization

Quickly and easily transform complex linear data into actionable information through data visualization and reporting to deliver enhanced decision support.

Maintain Compliance

Ensure your rail and transit network is maintained in a state of good repair, increasing your return on investment for every maintenance dollar spent by completing the right work in the right place at the right time.

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