June 04, 2020

LEGION Simulator and OpenBuildings Station Designer

Subscription Fees Waived Through November 30, 2020*

Purpose of the Release

We are making our LEGION Simulator and OpenBuildings Station Designer applications available to everyone and waiving new subscription fees through November 30, 2020*, for facilities managers to incorporate pedestrian simulation methodologies across their planning, design, and operations teams.

With social distancing and crowd management at the forefront of global concerns, Open Buildings Station Designer and LEGION Simulator software can help owners of buildings and facilities, planning, and design firms, and facilities owners to develop models, simulate crowd movement, analyze foot traffic and optimize space utilization of infrastructure assets such as rail and metro stations, airports, retail and commercial complexes, hospitals, and stadiums to improve safety, efficiency, and security.

LEGION Simulator helps users solve new planning and operations challenges in:

  • validating social distancing plans while helping to ensure safe operations;
  • ensuring space maximization, activities distribution and controlled egress/ingress;
  • modeling safe and comfortable wayfinding strategies and evacuation plans; and
  • providing virtual, collaborative planning, design and operations reviews.

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* November 30, 2020 date valid for new contracts signed after September 1, 2020

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