October 21, 2019

Digital Construction Works Announces its Partner Community and Partnership with O3 Solutions to Support Advanced Work Packaging Services

Digital Construction Works 

SINGAPORE - The Year in Infrastructure Conference, October 21, 2019 - Digital Construction Works, Inc. (DCW), a new digital automation, integration, and digital twinning services company announces the launch of its Partner Community, including partners to provide services and partners to provide fit-for-purpose solutions. Advancements in the construction industry require a combination of people, processes, and technology to enable the construction industry to more efficiently, rapidly, and successfully transform to digital operations.

Digital Construction Works and its Partner Community enable DCW customers to digitally transform their construction operations through combined services, comprised of next-best practices, work packaging, digital twins, digital workflows, technology, and other outcomes-based services to improve operational efficiencies and better digital project delivery. DCW offers workflow solutions that serve as an ‘open-platform’ and integrate with a wide variety of products and deliverables from various suppliers.

The partnership between DCW and O3 Solutions, Inc. is already delivering customer success based on DCW’s Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) solution. Through its Partners Community, DCW supports a global network of service providers who engage in projects with customers to deliver digital workflows and successful value-based outcomes.

“From a technology perspective, digital construction can never actually happen if it is done in isolation or limited to a single provider’s portfolio. We need people, applications, tools, and machines to operate in harmony. That’s the Community we are building.”, said Scott Langbein Industry Partner Director for DCW.

Advanced Work Packaging is a recognized best practice of the Construction Industry Institute (CII) that focuses on the improvement of project safety, productivity, and predictability through the alignment of engineering, procurement, and construction planning, activities, and deliverables. AWP defines expectations of each applicable stakeholder group throughout the project lifecycle, from concept to construction to commissioning. AWP has been proven by CII to improve field productivity by up to 25% and reduce total install costs by up to 10%.

“I refer to AWP as a ‘modern production system’ because it really encourages new methods of production, rather than blindly accepting ‘time honored’ approaches and attempting to expend fewer worker hours. It even considers how design is done and, eventually, how the supply chain will collaborate to increase output,” said Stephen Mulva, director, Construction Industry Institute, University of Texas, Austin. DCW is pioneering a next-generation project execution solution that combines AWP and reality modeling to facilitate an outcomes-based model and the delivery of a digital twin during construction. The DCW solution uses digital threads to integrate, validate and automate the change management of data from multiple project IT systems and stakeholders throughout the supply chain and over the project lifecycle to create and maintain an evergreen AWP virtual construction model.

To optimize client returns, DCW is providing an integrated construction management solution with O3’s industry industry-leading AWP analytics, constraint management, and field productivity measurement tools. The combined digital construction solution will facilitate AWP digital workflows and capabilities for the development of the path of construction, work package creation and constraint analysis, integrated materials management, status visualization, predictive analytics, field progressing and completions, and commissioning. Additionally, DCW will offer a ‘planned versus actual versus as-is’ situational awareness service involving virtual construction models, O3 dashboards and analytics, continuous surveying, and digital twinning.

“The O3 software drives AWP into the supply chain by measuring key performance indicators of constraints, deliverables, work packages, and field productivity. With the ability to benchmark and measure performance with O3, we’re going to usher in a new era of visibility and integrated digital project delivery based on an outcomes-based model and the development of digital twins during construction.”, according to Eric Crivella – Director of Business Development and an AWP subject matter expert at DCW.

O3 Solutions is an industrial construction technology company providing agile project management, and Advanced Work Packaging reporting and analytics is excited to participate in the DCW Partner Community. “DCW and the skilled talents of its team offer subject matter expertise in work packaging, constraint management, and data collection to support the AWP Best Practice,” stated Josh Girvin, CEO of O3 Solutions. “We are eager to work with DCW and its services team to deliver a robust Advanced Work Packaging solution that supports visibility and accountability through the entire lifecycle of a project.” Mr. Girvin is proud of the new partnership and looks forward to continuing a rewarding relationship between the two companies.

DCW and O3 Solutions are working together to provide a complementary solution to collect real-time project data using reality capture technology to identify any potential issues to mitigate risks to construction productivity on capital projects. This solution includes providing reports and dashboards to help manage work packaging and workface planning activities.

About O3 Solutions
O3 helps Owner / Operators, EPC Firms, and Contractors building industrial capital assets manage their AWP program by setting the conditions for success during implementation, facilitating best practice adherence during execution, constantly driving continuous improvement, and effectively scaling across the enterprise over time. O3 institutionalizes best practices and lessons learned for Advanced Work Packaging developed through partnerships with thought-leading AWP implementation consultants and AWP-mature clients to significantly reduce the risk and effort required to develop and execute an enterprise AWP Program. To learn more visit www.o3.solutions.

About Digital Construction Works
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Founded in 2019, Digital Construction Works (DCW) provides digital automation, integration, and “twinning” services, around fit-for-purpose software and cloud services from Topcon Positioning Group, Bentley Systems, and other software vendors, to realize the breakthrough potential of constructioneering for industrializing construction. DCW is transforming the construction industry from its legacy document-centric paradigm and simplifying and enabling digital automated workflows and processes, technology integration, and digital twinning services for infrastructure. company. DCW is a Bentley Systems and Topcon Positioning Group joint venture www.digitalconstructionworks.com

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