Industry: Building and Construction
Product: ContextCapture, OpenRoads, ProjectWise, SYNCHRO 4D, MicroStation, OpenCities Map, LumenRT
User: CCCC First Highway Consultants Company
Country: China


October 21, 2019

Going Digital Saves China CCCC CNY 33 Million and 3 Months in Constructing the JiHe Expressway to Connect Bao’an Airport to Shenzhen

The city of Shenzhen has grown from a small border town with a population of 30,000 in 1979 to China’s third largest and fastest-growing city with a population of 12.5 million. As a result of this rapid population increase, the city has experienced a large number of additional cars on its roads, which has led to a demand for more infrastructure to meet this capacity. The situation had become so severe that in 2014, Shenzhen banned passenger vehicles with license plates issued outside of Shenzhen’s four main districts during peak times on working days. The current average daily traffic volume had reached 136,000 vehicles, resulting in frequent congestion at numerous key junctions. The Shenzhen section of the expressway is the only trunk road connecting the city east to west, making it a core passageway supporting Shenzhen’s urban development.

To meet the area’s road capacity needs and enable further development of the city, CCCC First Highway Consultants Company is building the JiHe Expressway, a new 43-kilometer highway to connect Bao’an International Airport to the He’ao Community of Longgang District in Shenzhen. The CNY 45 billion project includes 35 kilometers of new bridges.

Due to the project’s location in a well-established part of the city, a traditional method of surveying such a dense road network would have been cumbersome and time consuming. To complete this large-scale and complex project, CCCC is implementing a connected data environment (CDE) using ProjectWise to manage its reality modeling data and BIM models. The project team is using ContextCapture to create a 3D reality mesh of the entire 43 kilometers of the expressway, using photos taken from the air and ground. The project team is using this context to accurately measure distances and volumes and to provide accurate geometry to support design. This context is helping the team to speed planning and inspection and efficiently plan resources and scheduling, saving the project 42 days and CNY 8 million by streamlining field observation.

The project involved a large, multidiscipline team that CCCC supported with a collaborative environment using Bentley’s ProjectWise, a strategy expected to save 33 days in coordination time and about CNY 5 million. The team also used OpenRoads to create BIM models of roads, bridges, and landscaping along the route, improving design quality and efficiency and shortening the design cycle by 68 days, saving an additional CNY 20 million. Bentley’s LumenRT was used to visualize the project, analyze 3D spatial relationships, and determine what safety hazards existed in the interchange area.

Studying the complex road boundary by combining the reality mesh, GIS information, and BIM models enabled CCCC to meet the client’s requirements for BIM model accuracy. The team conducted a comparative analysis between the existing environment and the design scheme to discover potential issues in advance, seeking to limit the number of modifications needed during construction. By using these innovative applications, the project team reduced design errors and changes, provided design feedback, and improved quality optimization of the drawings by 97%.

“The JiHe Expressway is a major infrastructure scheme that is crucial to the future economic development of Shenzhen,” said Pramod Kumar Gupta, chief engineer of BIM Center CCCC First Highway Consultants Company. “Planning and coordinating construction on such a large-scale project would not have been as efficient and effective without Bentley’s ContextCapture, which empowered us to make more efficient decisions to deliver this excellent project, while saving our partners time and money.”
953_Going Digital Saves China CCCC RMB 33 Million and 3 Months in Constructing the JiHe Expressway to Connect Bao’an Airport to Shenzhen

953_Going Digital Saves China CCCC RMB 33 Million and 3 Months in Constructing the JiHe Expressway to Connect Bao’an Airport to Shenzhen (2)

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