Industry: Cities
Product: OpenBuildings, OpenPlant, OpenRoads, ContextCapture, Descartes, iModelHub, LumenRT, MOHID, Navigator, and ProjectWise
User: Shanghai Investigation, Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. Yangtze Ecology Environment Co., Ltd.
Country: China

October 21, 2019

Jiujiang Smart Water Management Project Adopts Digital Twins, Saving 800 Design Days and RMB 4 Million

Shanghai Investigation, Design & Research Institute is under way with a comprehensive water environment management project in downtown Jiujiang, China. The phased project is projected to cost RMB 7.7 billion with a construction timeframe of three years. Phase one includes a sewage plant and the supporting network, water ecological restoration, river regulation, and an ecological renovation of Sponge Avenue with a pump gate. The smart water management project faces many communication and coordination challenges, including managing work across multidiscipline design teams and federating multiple data sources.

For this project the Jiujiang team adopted a smart water management solution that includes ContextCapture to create the digital context of downtown Jiujiang, Bentley’s open modeling applications for water plant and network design, and ProjectWise to support collaborative design.   

The team first used ContextCapture to create a 3D reality mesh of the 220-square-kilometer construction area. OpenPlant, OpenBuildings, and OpenRoads were then used to model the structure of the sewage plant, process facility, and plant terrain, as well as for structural design, water supply and drainage design, and surveying and mapping. Using iModelHub, the team consolidated BIM models from all contributing disciplines to create a digital twin, which was then used to coordinate work and track changes. In addition, 2D drawings and other information on the municipal underground network were incorporated as context to assist the project team.

The digital twin helped the team to make better-informed decisions, take corrective actions, and prevent potential issues. Using ProjectWise for collaborative design and Navigator for collision detection and resolution reduced design errors by 80%, saved 800 days of design and verification work, and saved RMB 4 million in design costs. Construction costs were also reduced by 20%, compressing the schedule by four months.

“With the help of Bentley Systems and an open, connected data environment, we make it possible for operators to gather the important data of water-related affairs along the Yangtze River Basin. We also provide intelligent services for the public and achieve information exchange and interaction benefiting both nature and people,” said Feng Qian, BIM engineer, Shanghai Investigation, Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.

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